#ThreeThingsThursday: Overwhelmed Edition

Oh friends! I am reporting in from Amsterdam and I am feeling 100% overwhelmed and not enough and weak and invisible and everything in between.

How do I get my own thoughts to match the right people around me? We have to add that caveat, right? There are always haters.


Also now I wish I was rocking this outfit because it is pretty freakin' sweet.

Let's dive right in to this week's 3 random thoughts:

1) Am I Enough?

Nothing like watching too much TLC to feel like you aren't enough. Am I the only one that feels that way? 

Most of the time I am everyone's biggest cheerleader and the captain of positivity. Then I hit one of my personal lows and we get very very low. It happens extra fast when I am not in my normal space with the things that keep me feeling "level."

This week has had major UPs and major DOWNs. All I can do it keep pushing through and  believing in myself and what I stand for. If I don't have that then I don't have anything!


This period of self doubt will pass and I will find the inner badass that I know I am again. 

2) New Friends

I am 100% worried about finding new friends in Amsterdam. I mean you all know I wrote a blog post about it

Luckily I have at least one person here in Amsterdam that has my back... Yay Renee!


It’s nice to know I’m moving to a place that has at least 1 person that I can reach out to with any inane question or to join me for a quick bite or to find me a race to run!!


Oh boy this leap of faith is getting realer than real!


Signed Offer Letter - ✔️
Temporary Housing For January - ✔️
One-way flights - ✔️
Arrangements for pups to relocate with us - ✔️
Visas - In Process
Organize Life - Jury is out :P

T-minus 79 days...

Anyone have any advice on doing this crazy thing of completely changing your life in about 2.5 months? Happily taking any advice? OH and visitors! Please tell me you amazing folks will come visit me!!!