Disneyland 2017 Part 3: We Run Social Meetup

Do you love the Twitter? Do you have people you feel more connected to online than in your real life?

Do you wish you could meet them in real life?

Yes to all three for me...

... and that is how the #RebelTweetup was born in 2015!

Of course my boo Linzie from Sharp Endurance and I had to put together another meetup when we would be reunited in Disneyland during #RebelChallenge weekend in 2016. 

In between the first and second meetup, We Run Social was born. So we partnered with We Run Social for the 2016 installments of our meetup.

With the wife and I heading out for a third year to the Rebel Challenge/Light Side Challenge weekend, Linz and I were up to our old antics once again! Linz wasn't even running, but I couldn't be on the West Coast and NOT see my Boo.

With my BOOs by my side, we were ready on the lower patio of Trader Sam's for the amazing social media friends to get together.

And our prizes! Oh folks! Sparkle Athletic, Pro Compression, Sparkly Soul and Momentum Jewelry hooked us UP. Big thanks for Sparkle Athletic co-founder Carrie for joining us at the meetup.

Of course we had to get everyone together that was reppin' their PRO socks at the meetup.

It really is hard for me to put into words how much this meetup meant to me. It made my heart so happy to be with folks that I normally only connect with over social media and text rather than in person. Some of these folks I had never met in person, but considered them close friends. Now I could spend an afternoon high-fiving, laughing, enjoying adult beverages and handing out amazing prizes.

I can't thank everyone enough for joining Linz and I.

In between handing out prizes, it was all about grabbing the selfies. Here are a few I was able to swipe from friends.

THE Fit Fam 6 - can we rename us the Fit Fam 7?
I look like I fit right in!

Kelsey - nothing like having to go across the country
to see the girl that lives in the same city as me

Tara - my favorite mama to be

Tara - who rocks my world and is a running inspiration to me!

Marlon - the leanest, meanest Vegan I know and love

Amber - my WW and beer loving soul mate :) 

Two-plus hours freakin' flew by. Seriously I could spend an entire day catching up with all of these amazing blends. But the parks were calling my friends. 

I am wicked sad that I will not be running this race in 2018 and therefore the power duo of Linz/Dani will not be hosting next year. :( I am sure someone else will step up and keep the kick ass tradition alive... and people will have to FaceTime me in!

If you have the opportunity to attend a We Run Social at a race near you, please do so! It is a very welcoming and open group. Just be ready for selfies and hugs! All are welcome!!