Monday Musings: Amazing Disney Ears, Injury Update & More

Happy Monday My Friends!!!

Well how can it NOT be a happy day when my Patriots pulled off one of the best comebacks in history last night. Oh did you all miss that? ;)

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I hate to admit it, but I was asleep when it happened. I was so drained that I passed out. Thank goodness everyone on my newsfeed was sharing it so it was like I was there. 

I have been focusing the past couple of weeks on more sleep to benefit my health and my overall outlook on life and let me tell you it is really helping. :) 

It is one of a few things I have working on to improve my mind and body. February is going to be MY MONTH! A fantastic February will be had by me.

I am keeping the runs streak on there as a reminder of what I can accomplish when I put my mind to it. I thought about deleting it, but I am not ready to do that just yet.

For those asking, this is a free app on the iPhone called Simple Habits.

When the run streak ended on Jan 29, I was worried I would fall into a depression as that had been my life for over 2 years. But I knew surrounding myself with good friends and refocusing my mind to a new goal, I could avoid that feeling.

Well after setting myself up for success, I finally visited the PT about my new left hip pain and my lingering right knee pain. We can definitely tell the right knee pain is from overuse. It is swollen and angry. The hip is a different story. My guess is it hurts from compensating for the pain in my right knee.

So I will be attending weekly PT to work on improving my core and hip strength and we are going to take a look at my running form to see if there is something off there as well. 

Wicked happy to have the team at Boston PT & Wellness looking out for me. That is also where I am taking my Strength Training class twice a week so they know exactly what I do and do not need to modify. :) 

As of this moment I do not need to completely stop running, but I need to scale it back and potentially move to some run-walk intervals for awhile. I am going to focus on upping my biking and swimming as neither of those activities hurt my hip or knee. Thank goodness I am also preparing for 2 half ironmans this year so I need to work on those two pieces anyway. 

I am adding my nightly PT exercises to my daily habits app as well to help me follow through on that. Hold me accountable folks. 

I rarely have a goal race in a year because I get distracted by signing up for races along the way. I tend to set a fitness goal, which ends up being a race or distance, but rarely is it a time goal.

Well in 2017 I have moved my goal race from Boston to Chicago. I want to go in to Chicago ready to kick some major ass and attempt to get my second sub-4 marathon. Boston will be, as it always is, celebrating my #StrokeHeroes and soaking in the amazing energy.

Now when I was in Disneyland last month, the amazing Christina, aka PlaidTink, messaged me that she had a present for me. Oohhhh yay!!! I had no idea what to expect when I met her outside the Expo in the Disneyland Hotel.

What did she get me?

These absolutely amazing personalized Mickey Ears!!!!!

You guys know how much I love my Mickey ears. Yes I own at least 5 pairs. :P

But these beauties were made by Debbie of Kingdom Ears. I actually got to meet THE Debbie during the Star Wars Half Marathon, between mile 4 and 5. :0) 

I highly recommend checking out her Etsy shop NOW. She does custom orders AND she just made the ears the NFL cheerleaders wore last week at the PRO Bowl. 

I just took a look at her shop again and basically want her to take all of my money. Haha. Wouldn't it be fun to walk around Disney with a set of ears no one else but you have?

I can tell you the ears don't slide and the headband she uses is super comfortable. Sometimes you can get those ears that start pinching your head or behind your ears after awhile. Not these!

So check her out and let me know which pair you choose!

Well I am wiped from my swim workout today - it was my first time swimming 1.2-straight miles in quite awhile - and it is time for a little Disney Emoji Blitz and bed.

Until tomorrow my friends...