Devising A Reward System NOT Based On Food

While taking the train downtown this afternoon to hit up my Flywheel class, I was thinking about what would motivate me right now to keep pushing towards my goal.

When I first started Weight Watchers in November 2009, my immediate goal rewards were food based.

I remember hitting 50 pounds lost with WW and going out to dinner with my wife. I was sitting there eating chicken tenders, french fries and drinking beer. I was sitting there going: what am I doing? This seems counter intuitive to my overall goals. :P 

You all know I am all about splurging, but I wanted to shift my goal rewards to non-food options. 

So when I hit 60 pounds lost, I bought myself a special Tiffany's necklace that I wear as a reminder of hitting that milestone. When I made Lifetime with WW, I got a tattoo on my ankle: Celtic knot symbol for Strength.

Now we are on this weight loss train again (12 pounds til goal) and it is time to come up with a non-food prize to focus on.

Here are some ideas I am throwing around:

  • Additional Flywheel classes (I am out of my current credits)
  • Garmin Fenix 3 (I have had my eye on it for months)
  • Garmin bike sensor (hate not knowing how far I am really biking when at home)
  • A new Sparkle Athletic skirt (there must be 1 I don't have yet) ;) 
  • A new Sparkly Soul headband (they just came out with new ones)

Now what I like about these options is they will all help me push towards my next goal besides hitting the number on the scale. Since we know this journey is about more than that number anyway.

Hmmm I have time, but I like having some ideas listed out. Gives me something to daydream about while in the pool or on my bike trainer. ;0)

Do you use non-food rewards to motivate you through your weight-loss/fitness journey? If so, what is on your list?