#ThreeThingsThursday: Inside Tracker, Reebok Surprise & Flywheel Push

Friends, how is it Thursday again already?

Do you all feel as we get older time passes faster and faster?

Well before we get into today's post, please enjoy pics of my cute pups. I have been working from home this week and I can't help boast about how cute my coworkers are.

Am I right? 

Also I wish Laney loved me as much as she loves her tennis balls. :P

Okay time to get right to it!

1) Inside Tracker Update

This morning I had my blood drawn. Inside Tracker offers a great option of at home visits, which I took advantage of during my last test (in October).

In October, I declared I would be taking my health back with the help of Inside Tracker. Well since that time I have refocused my food choices, improved my sleep pattern and varied up my workouts.

It will take a few days, but I am anticipating my results. Here's hoping I can improve my inner age. In October 2016 I was... 24!

Here's hoping I got even younger with these improvements. :) 

2) Reebok Surprise

Oh Hey Reebok! Thanks to my ambassadorship with Ragnar Relay/Reach The Beach, I received a special gift from Reebok?

What was it?

The brand spanking new Reedbok Floatride Shoe.

I can't wait to test these babies out and let you all know what I think.

3) Flywheel Push

Since it's Thursday that means my favorite double date: Flywheel then Sweetgreen for dinner. A winning combination the night before weigh-in.

Well tonight I didn't know what to expect. Last night (Wednesday) I finished fourth among women and 8th overall. I was disappointed that I didn't break the Top 3 for women, but I was psyched that I posted my 3rd highest score.

I know that every day is a chance for a PR so I went in today with a fresh attitude and ready to try my hardest. As you read above, this morning I had blood drawn and had already put in an hour on my bike trainer so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Tonight was a BATTLE!

This girl Erikka and I kept switching back and forth between 3rd and 4th. With 2 songs to go, I had surpassed her for 3rd and my sole goal was to stay ahead of her. I could see she was 3 bikes to my left. I gave it everything I had.

WOO! Finished 3rd among women and 6th overall. I was DRIPPING with sweat when the class ended and really proud of myself for not backing down and digging deep.

We can't PR every day (or rather I know I won't PR every day), but I can give it all I have in that moment.

Remember: you can join me for a Flywheel Class on Sunday, April 2 at 2:30pm to support my 2017 Boston Marathon run with Tedy's Team.


Enjoy the rest of your Friday Eve my friends!!!

What are you proud of from today?