Looking For A Motivating Tribe? Check Out From Fat To Finish Line

When I was first asked to join the Ragnar Relay Team - Running Down A Dream - for the Cape Cod race in May 2015, I had no idea what From Fat To Finish Line was about.

This amazing group combined to lose over 1500 pounds!

This amazing group combined to lose over 1500 pounds!

That team and that weekend would change that.

For those that don't know: From Fat To Finish Line is a film that documents the journey of 12 people who shared the common bond of losing an average of 100 pounds each and who teamed up to run a 200 mile Ragnar Relay Race. The film was released August 2016. 

The race spans from Miami to Key West, and is a scenic but challenging course that would test the endurance of even the most seasoned athlete. The team must continually run, day and night, to make it to the finish line. As they overcome the obstacles on the course, you’ll learn about the obstacles they faced on their weight loss journeys.

You can purchase the movie on iTunes for $3.99. Check it out!

Two of the members of the original FFTFL (From Fat To Finish Line) team were on our Ragnar team: Rick and Carly! 

That weekend in May 2015, I learned that FFTFL was more than a documentary... it was a community... it was a safe space... it was a tribe!

The community was growing in a very special Facebook group. I joined immediately and have been stalking that group every since. 

I am a bit of a lurker in most Facebook groups, especially ones that boast over 12,000 incredibly inspiring members.

But every once in awhile I would post or comment on someone else's post. But mostly I would silently cheer from the sidelines.

Then earlier this year, I was approached to join FFTFL in more of an official capacity. The film is working to become a business.

From Fat to Finish Line is a support community for, and made up by, people of all shapes and sizes. We are interested in the pursuit of good health, keeping active, and training for (and crossing!) finish lines of all kinds. We have a variety of forums, blog posts, and motivating stories to inspire, inform and enlighten people at any stage of their journey.

FFTFL has raised over $60,000 thus far in investments. If you are interested in seeing what that entails, check out the Start Engine site here.

So where do I fit in?

I am excited to join the team as a Communications Specialist (in all that free time I have). You know I love reaching out and interacting with folks on the same journey as me whether they are on Day 1 or have been maintaining their weight loss for years.

I am psyched to work with an inspiring group, starting with social media.

So make sure you are following FFTFL on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

And if you are looking for a judgement free zone filled with people "just like you" on a weight loss, fitness and/or running journey... then join the Facebook group today! (It's Free!)

You won't regret it!