Weekend Wrap-Up: Cold, Colder & Coldest

Is it really March 12?

Apparently Boston has not gotten the memo.

This weekend we lived in the world of real feel -xx degrees. You read that right. After being in the 60s last week, we were living with temperatures in the teens (but real feel temps in the negative).


C'mon Mother Nature. I thought you loved us. :P

After work on Friday, I jumpstarted my weekend with 1600 meters (1 mile) in the pool. Sure that doesn't seem that odd... except mid-stroke I looked up and spotted the snow outside.

Again isn't it March?

I will say it was pretty surreal seeing the snow while in the warm pool.

I savored being inside as I knew on Saturday morning it would be time to take the long run outside.

While I wanted to hide inside on the treadmill, I knew I needed to spend some time on Heartbreak Hill. Plus I was missing my Tedy's Team teammates.

The wife drove me in before she headed to her gamer conference for the day. I looked at Accuweather on the way in. It was 11 degrees, real feel -11. OOF! 

The team was layered up and ready to tackle our long run.

While I wanted to tackle 16-18 miles, my hip/knee had another idea. I played it safe and called it a day at 15 miles. 

Can you tell where I was able to turn around and stop fighting the wind? 

When I turned around at 7.5 I actually fist pumped because it felt about 30 degrees warmer without the wind. YAY tailwind on the way home.

No matter the temps, it is always amazing to be out training on the marathon course with hundreds of other folks, many also charity runners. The energy is electric!

Since my phone was dead and the wife was at the conference, I got to take the train home so I think I made up the difference in mileage getting home in the chilly weather. Right? ;) 

As soon as I got home, I made lunch, grabbed a beer and hid under the covers to try to thaw out.

Once I finally thawed out, it was time to head back outside and go to my friend Tom and Scott's engagement party. It was worth braving the cold, but I am now old and by 9:30pm I was yawning and we were on our way home to bed.

I know I know! I am a freakin' party animal.

Well I definitely ate and drank more than I had expected at the party (mmm pizza), but I tracked everything as honestly as possible and I accepted the negative amount of points I have left.

My friend Tom and I were discussing how we can use the negative number to motivate us rather than depress us. One can look at the negative points, throw their hands up and say "well the week is ruined." But I am going to look at it as a motivator to move more. Let's see how much of that negative I can earn back. I won't make it back into the positive, but I can stop the slide from getting bigger.

Right? All about how you look at a situation.

I totally woke up this morning with the intention of going to the pool, but I sat on the couch and savored some extra puppy snuggles. And that is okay. I told myself. I can do that every once in awhile.

Plus I was meeting a few friends for a fun 45-min spin class at Turnstyle studio before grabbing lunch. I also had to walk there so I will take the snowy/icy walk there as cross training. It felt so much warmer this morning with a reduction in wind. It had to be the wind since it was 9 degrees (real feel -11) when I started walking to meet my friends.

Sound like a plan? 

It took my legs a couple of songs to wake up after the hill work from Saturday, but as always my body and soul were thankful for the extra movement. Plus working out is always more fun with friends.

The rest of Sunday? Spent snuggling with the pup on the couch. EXACTLY what I needed. She usually only wants to snuggle right before bed, but today I took advantage of the extra love.

And now since I am old and Daylight Savings Time kicked in, I am already in bed ready to fall asleep as soon as #runchat (twitter chat) is over. :P

How was your weekend? What was the highlight?