#ThreeThingsThursday: My Positives From This Week

You learn little tricks along the way of a weight loss journey to get yourself on to the scale sometimes... especially if you are not feeling especially PSYCHED for the results of said weigh-in.

One of the things I have done for awhile - and brought back as a mandatory part of my journey since re-joining Weight Watchers on January 27, is...

Reciting 3 positive things I did the week prior

This way I go into the weigh-in reminding myself that I did something positive the last week even if my brain wants to immediately go to a negative place due to a gain or maybe a loss not as much as I wanted.

I am not feeling really pumped for this week's weigh-in after being sick most of the week, but I will go tomorrow and get motivated for the next week.

So tonight I am going to share my 3 positives from last week:

1) My 20-Miler

I completed my final long long run of the Boston Marathon training cycle on Saturday, March 25 with Tedy's Team. 

The 20-miler for Boston is one of the most special days of the year in the city. The entire course is filled with folks out on their last long run. The streets are actually manned by police officers and it mirrors the feeling you get on race day. I don't know any other city that does something like this for their marathon.

I am unbelievably thankful for the volunteers out manning water stops all along the course (one every mile or so) and for my teammates Nate and Amy. They let me tag along on their run and I wouldn't have completed that run without them. I was starting to get sick so my breathing was labored and my IT band/knee started acting up. Without Nate and Amy, I probably would've curled up on the side of Heartbreak Hill and called it quits. But they kept me going and we dug deep. Our Stroke Heroes do that on a daily basis so we could do it for them on that day. 

2) Listened To My Body

As I mentioned above, I started feeling sick before the 20-miler, but it took full effect after that run was complete. My teammates at lunch kept telling me I was looking tired. Oh they were right. As soon as I got home, I took some NyQuil and passed out for 3 hours. 

This cold took me out. I didn't leave the house and barely left bed for the rest of the weekend.

I even took 3-consecutive rest days for the first time since... 2014. 

It was tough, but I listened to my body and knew it had to heal. If I pushed activity too soon, I was going to leave myself in worse shape as the marathon approached. 

Today I tackled 1 hour and 50 minutes on the bike. While I didn't feel 100% (still hard to breathe), I am proud of the effort I put in and know I need to keep the workouts in check until I feel back at 100%.

But how about that for 3 rest days in a row???? C'mon folks that is HUGE for me!

3) Tracked It All

When I track, I feel control. When I don't, I feel - you got it - out of control.

I made a promise to myself that no matter how bad the number will be on a certain day, I will own it, track it and move on. This will be in effect until 4/14. I am going to allow myself to not track during Boston weekend, but I will get back on the horse after that.

So today marks Day 65 of tracking. I cannot remember the last time I tracked that consistently. I imploded on Sunday! I barely cracked 1,000 steps, didn't leave bed and ate everything in the house. There was no need for it. I took "feed a cold" to a whole new level. The wife had ordered domino's while I was asleep Saturday and I basically ate the entire medium pizza she bought for me on Sunday. No reason. I just did.

I even had a cup of peanut m&ms. Friends that cost me 44 POINTS!


They were freakin' delicious and hit the spot, but I didn't need to eat as many as I did.

Well I ate all that, tracked it and felt horribly on Monday. For the next 4 days I earned my blue dots and was pretty close to my Daily Points Target (30) each day. Not only did my body need it, but I wasn't working out like usual since I was down for the count.

So whatever happens tomorrow, I am going to recite my 3 positives from this post, accept the results and focus on the fresh week ahead!

Do you do anything like this before you weigh-ins?