#FaceItFriday: Getting Back On Track & Power Of The Meetings

It seems like my last weigh-in was yesterday, but that happens when you don't post your prior #FaceItFriday post until Monday. Sorry about that folks!!

If you read my post from yesterday, you will know I had a tough week healthwise. I was hit with that nasty cold that is going around. I completed my 20-miler with Tedy's Team on Saturday (which only earned me 24 FitPoints - BS on that one) and then promptly deteriorated. I spent the rest of the weekend in bed. 

On Sunday, I acted like I never heard of Weight Watchers... aka I ate whatever I wanted. BUT I did track it all.

Simple Habits as of Thursday, 3/30

Simple Habits as of Thursday, 3/30

It was ugly (157 pts!). Also in case anyone wants to know - one cup of peanut m&ms (Which is really like 2 handfuls) is 44 points! 4-4 my friends. 4-4. They were delicious, but a rough point total to swallow. Thankfully I forced the wife to finish the bag on Monday morning so I wouldn't be tempted.

So when I woke up Monday (still feeling horrendous) I promised I would get blue dots for the last 4 days of the weekend. 

While I forced myself to take 3 rest days in a row (Sunday-Tuesday), I made it to my strength training class and a 1800m swim on Wednesday. I felt a snack attack coming on Wednesday night so I reminded myself of my blue dot goal and forced myself to go to sleep. I drank water. I knew it wasn't real hunger.

I'm happy to report I achieved my goal of 4 blue dots!!!! :) 

Workouts this past week:

Friday - 1600m swim
Saturday - 20 mile run
Sunday - SICK DAY
Monday - SICK DAY
Tuesday - SICK DAY
Wednesday - 45 min bike trainer + 1800m swim
Thursday - 65 min bike trainer + 45 min Flywheel class

I woke up this morning pumped to go to my strength training class and get to the meeting. 

Weight Watchers meetings have always been the backbone of my journey. They've made all the difference... when I attended them. :) I love being in a room of people that "get it." 

I always told my members:

when you are struggling, you need your meeting
when you are doing well, your meeting needs you!

So making it a priority to attend my meetings every week this time around has been my priority.

How amazing is this sunrise we witnessed during our class?

I wasn't expecting much at the scale so I went in with the game plan I set yesterday: I would recite my 3 positives (from the post), hear the results, accept them and move on.

I changed into my weigh-in outfit, stepped up to the scale and Tara said...

Down 1.4 lbs!

Ummm what?

Okay body I don't know what's going on, but I am loving it.

I am now 0.2 lbs away from being back in the healthy weight range for my height!! :)

15.4 lbs since Jan 27... 8.2 to go!

Total Lost: 71.8 (54.2 with WW)
Current weight: 163.2
Heaviest (recorded) weight: 235
Weight Watchers Start weight: 217.4
Goal weight: 155
Lowest weight: 150.2

This is my lowest weight since September 2, 2015 - before I started my current job! I was last in the 150s in August 2015 (when my cousin got married)! Excited to be getting back closer to the healthier and leaner ME!

I received my Spring charm for attending the last 4 meetings! Woo! I love bling - you all know that.

The meeting was great as we discussed getting "Back on Track," which is always a hot topic. It felt good to hear what works for others and to share what works for me.

It was nice to hear another member thank me for sharing about how I have tracked well into the negative recently because it helped her track her birthday dinner even though she went into the negative. YAY! :) I love helping others... and they help me.

As I said before I am tracking until 4/14 then I will take the week of Boston Marathon off, but I will still attend the meeting on 4/21!

So my goal in the next 2 weeks is to try to get into the healthy weight range (so 0.2 lbs). I am currently tapering for the marathon (4/17) so I know I need to keep my activity in check and I will not have a long long run on the weekends.

My final fundraiser for Tedy's Team is this weekend. I'm excited to introduce so many friends to Flywheel for the first time then enjoy a beer or two with folks afterwards... hello balance! ;)

How were you last 7 days?