#ThreeThingsThursday: New Balance Shoes I'm Drooling Over Edition

And just like that it is Thursday again! It's been a tough week for me emotionally/mentally so being able to spend part of my day thinking about what I would share during this week's #ThreeThingsThursday helped put me in a positive mood.

Well thinking about these products are awesome... buying them would be another level! :P 

As of this point, I am not sure how I can fit all of these awesome shoes into my budget. Thank goodness I will be working some hours at the Sparkly Soul booth during Boston Marathon weekend. Yay spending money! :) 

Let's get right to it. As many of you know I am a big fan of New Balance sneakers... especially special edition/limited edition styles.

Oh you know those Run Disney shoes - for one example. ;) 

But in honor of running the Boston Marathon in 2013 and 2015, I picked up a pair of the New Balance Boston sneakers. I skipped 2014 as I ran out of $$ at the expo. :P

So what are the latest special NB shoes I am coveting???

1) Limited Edition Fresh Foam Zante v3 Boston

OOhhhhh baby!

Not only am I in love with the colors, but I love that NB once again snuck some extra Boston love on the soles. 

This Limited Edition style is built on the Fresh Foam Zante v3 platform which has updates to the outsole and sidewall based on data-to-design intelligence. The Limited Edition Fresh Foam Zante v3 Boston retails for $114.95.


2) Fresh Foam Zante v3 Ballpark

How many pairs of shoes is too many? Because these need to be added to my collection.

Again NB has hit it out of the park (see what I did there?) with the touches inside and under the shoe. I am really digging the on the sole designs.

As a former Red Sox employee and life-long Sox fan, these are perfect for a day at the park or a run around Fenway to get the next beer between innings. ;) I am jealous to hear Sox employees will be wearing them all season long. Can they sneak me a pair? I'll show them my World Series ring. :P 

The shoe will retail for $109.95.


3) Vazee Transform Disney Trainer

These Beauty and the Beast inspired shoes are a must have - especially after absolutely LOVING the recent live-action movie release.

I mean I know I would mess these shoes up within 30 seconds of putting them on. I have a terrible time keeping sneakers clean, but I mean these could be my next pair of "walking around Disney shoes." Shoe retails at $89.99.

I love this description from the NB website:

You'll love the design details that honor Belle's iconic ball gown — metallic gold highlights, a lace mesh upper and embossed details. Perfect for your strength/cardio combo workouts, our Vazee women’s training shoe supports your ever-changing routine and keeps you looking like royalty in and out of the gym.

Ah the attention to detail... something I love about New Balance.


Is anyone else drooling over these shoes as much as I am? I am trying to rank them in order of necessity and I guess I think I would rank them in the order I listed them above. 

Now to go back to stalking the NB website...