Tedy's Team Flywheel Fundraiser A Success!

Well that blog title reads like a newspaper headline. Haha! I feel like it should've been prefaced with Extra! Extra! Read all about it. ;)

I am still riding on Cloud 9 since Sunday's Flywheel event. For those that missed it, I hosted a fundraising event at Flywheel Sports in the Prudential Center in Boston.

My Tedy's Team teammate and friend Melinda offered her time to lead the class.


I was psyched to have 34 friends and family members sign up for the ride with many of them taking their first-ever Spin class.  

Since we were riding in "demo" mode we didn't have our names on the Torqboard, but we still had our bike numbers up there. 

Ooohhh I BARELY held on to the #1 spot. My fellow Happy Sole and amazing runner friend Bean was hot on my heels. 

Melinda did a great job explaining the positions on the bike since we had so many newbies in the room. I wanted to make sure everyone in the class felt comfortable.


It was amazing to look around the room to see people I love from all areas of my life: my cousin, Sorority sisters, former Weight Watchers members/coworkers, former Red Sox coworkers, members of the Slumbrew Happy Soles, fellow Tedy's Team alumni and current teammates, founder of Boston's own 1bandID, twitter followers and amazing friends. I definitely started crying during class thinking about all of these people taking their time out to support me and help #FightStroke!

After a kickass workout (where everyone survived!), we had a quick raffle featuring amazing brands I love. 

Between the Spin class and raffles, the event raised $1191 for Tedy's Team! Woo! This put we above and beyond my goal. :) 


AHHHH!!!! This puts my overall total since joining Tedy's Team for the 2013 Boston Marathon at over $34,000 raised.

I cannot wait to host this event again. 

THANK YOU to all who have donated to my cause thus far. Have you missed your opportunity? Feel free to...