#FaceItFriday: An Expected Gain

Ooohhh friends!

When you have one of those weeks where you expect a gain and just wonder how big it will be... then it isn't as bad.

Anyone else experience that?

You blow it up in your head and then the number is never as bad as you expected!

No? Just me!

I knew this would be a tough week as my social calendar filled up and my desire to stay on plan dwindled.

I've had to dine out as much as I did last week before and I could make the "correct" choices, but this week due to lack of sleep, stress and that "fuck it" attitude I wasn't there.

I made sure to track every bite, lick and taste, but that didn't stop the number from rising!

Oof! That is by far my worst week of WW tracking in ages. But I owned it all.

I tried to do some damage control through activity, but I just couldn't rebound.

Workouts this past week:

Friday - Strength Training class
Saturday - Sprint Triathlon
Sunday - Rest Day
Monday - 45 min Flywheel Class
Tuesday - Rest Day (Dry Needling)
Wednesday - 45 min Flywheel Class
Thursday - 1700m swim

So I went into this week expecting a gain and just hoped it was under 5 pounds. Since I had to be at work early all I could do was weigh and go, but dammit I'd get on that scale, own it and move on.

Tara said... up 1.4 lbs!

Okay okay not as bad as I expected.

Yes app I know what went wrong. I went off the rails and expected miracles. Haha.

Well I am hoping to get back on the wagon this week and focus more on home-cooked meals and "me" time. Oh and sleep would be a treat. I haven't slept through the night in weeks and REALLY need that to change pronto. 

Let's get the weight back to what it was in March while I'm at it.

Gotta get back to it if I want to hit my goal of being back at goal this summer.

Either way I am making progress and I am still lower than the weight I was at when I joined my current job (October 2015 - 167). Now I WILL return to the 150s. I haven't been there since August 2015. :( It's the range I feel lean and mean in and I will get back to there... no matter how long it takes!


Because I'm worth it!

How do you handle a gain? Derail you more or use it as fuel?