#FaceItFriday: Even Stevens

This was one of those rare weigh-ins were I didn't gain or lose a single freakin' ounce this week. 

That's crazy and freakin' rare! 

So I want to go in depth about my last week, but unfortunately I'm writing this post on an app on my phone as we drive to the Cape for tomorrow's triathlon. Yay, but womp! I really wanted to get this done earlier in the day, but...

... we got some bad news about our pup Laney! Poor thing has to go in for ACL surgery on June 22! :( I'm sad for her and my wallet. ;)  

But I digress!  

I really thought I'd gain or lose something this week, but I guess staying the same is better than gaining. 


My 3 positives from the week before stepping on the scale:

1) PRed at Flywheel


2) Took more "me" time walks before work

3) Upped my weights at my Strength Training class

I didn't really know what to expect going into today's weigh-in. 


I tracked every single bite, lick and taste that went into my mouth, but I was clearly over my points again. But half as bad as the week prior. ;) 


I'm pumped to get back to focusing on healthy habits as those are what lead to long term success. 

Now next week will be tricky! I have three-consecutive nights of social events, but thankfully 2 of those include Flywheel classes. 

All I can ask of myself is to try my best, track my choices no matter what and always know I can try again at the next bite! 

Sorry to keep this week's post simple and to the point, but I'm not as skilled on the phone app and I can't shirk my co-pilot duties! 


How was your last week?