Splendid Saturday: A Taste Of What Happened...

What a freakin' day my friends! What a day!

This is one of those days where I am pinching myself over what happened and wicked thankful for the opportunities I have thanks to my journey and this little slice of the internet.

So last night the wife and I decided to drive to the Cape and spend the night sleeping at my parent's camper instead of waking up this morning at like 4am and driving down. While neither of us got the best night sleep, it was still nice to be only 25 min from the race rather than an hour or so. 

This morning I was tackling the inaugural Harvest Triathlon (Sprint) put on by Max Performance Triathlons. I have had the pleasure and honor of partnering with Max since 2014. Tim (the Race Director) is an amazing person that listens to racers and really cares about every aspect of a racer's experience. 

Of course I will be writing a longer recap tomorrow, but the highlight of course was somehow ending up on the podium!

I earned the top spot in women 35-39 division. For triathlon age groups they go by your age at the end of the calendar year. So even though I am 34, I will turn 35 in September so I moved up a division this year. Apparently to my benefit. :P 

Overall I was super proud of how I did today. 

The water was perfect for the swim. I only had issues because some girl pulled down the back string of my wetsuit thus opening the entire back of my wetsuit during the first part of the swim. I felt like I was taking on a TON of water during that 1/3 of a mile swim, which was tough to overcome.

The bike is my weakest part and you can see that above. Now I was passed by pretty much everyone that wanted to. HAHA! So each time that happened I had to tell myself: "You have to focus on YOUR race not on the people passing you." I wish I had a dollar for every time I said that. :P Thankfully the road was nicely paved and I didn't get a flat tire (always my biggest fear).

Then we came to my favorite part - the run. Time to make up some time. Now it was getting pretty toasty by the time I hit the run and it ended up being more of a trail/gravel run than I had expected. But we got to run around some cranberry bogs, which was pretty and unique.

Now the race did feature a beer garden with delicious local craft beer from Bad Martha (located on Martha's Vineyard). In addition to your 2 free beers, each racer for a free BBQ lunch, which I gave to the wife for being an amazing sherpa. :)

Now I would've loved to spend the rest of the weekend on the Cape, but I had a 3pm date back in Somerville.

That's right! 

I am the person that somehow thought it was a good idea to sign up for a boxing class the same day as a tri.

But I HAAADDD to! :) 

So today was the Health and Wellness Event at Assembly Row, which was showcasing all of the cool studios coming to Fitrow. As the Fitrow Ambassador, I couldn't miss the opportunity to be there. The Wellness event was offering 4 complimentary classes, one by each studio. To make sure I gave myself enough time to get back from the race and eat lunch, I went with the 3pm class from Title Boxing.

O-M-freakity freakin-G! The 30 min demo class kicked my booty. When I took a hot break to catch me breath, the instructors were quick to call me out. I tried to use the triathlon as an excuse, but they weren't having it! If this 30 min demo is any indication, Title Boxing classes are a freakin' kickass workout. The normal class is 60 minutes and I assume I will be on the floor after. :P 

For those interested, Title Boxing opens at Assembly Row on July 10!

Once my fitness was definitely done for the day, I came home just to put my feet up and promptly fell asleep. Haha. 

I will definitely be hitting the hay early tonight with one huge ass smile on my face!

Thank you universe for bringing such positive and motivating opportunities into my life.

What was the highlight of YOUR Saturday?