Oh Boy! Title Boxing Kicked My Butt At Fitrow's Health And Wellness Event

"But I completed a triathlon this morning?"

"I don't care! Keep going and get lower!"

Can you tell which was me and which was one of the awesome coaches from Title Boxing? Haha!

On Saturday, June 10, Assembly Row hosted the free Fitrow Health And Wellness Event. As the #Fitrow Ambassador, I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to be there. 

After finishing the Max Performance Inaugural Harvest Sprint Tri in Wareham, MA, the wife and I hopped in the car and drove home. We arrived home at 1:30pm. We hit up a quick lunch at Tony C's at Assembly Row before heading to the Fitrow event.

There were booths set up for each of the 4 studios joining Fitrow as well as giveaways, face painting, massages, crossfit wall and more!

The turnout was great and I bumped into some friends that had just rocked the free barre and pilates classes before I would attempt the boxing class at 3pm.

We would have our 30-minute demo out on the amphitheater at Assembly Row. It was a little hot, but I made sure to bring a ton of water with me.

The coaches helped each of us figure out which size boxing gloves were right for us...

Then they got RIGHT into it! 

We were doing high knees, squats, jumping jacks and more during the 5-minute warm-up. 

Oh friends that lunch right beforehand was not my smartest decision. Neither was wearing pants that were a size too big. I had to keep adjusting every time I did a jumping jack. My bad.

The 3 coaches didn't waste a single minute of the 30-minute demo. We were jabbing. We were doing upper cuts. We were doing combos. 

My arms didn't want to go anymore after the morning, but I gave it all I had. 

Per the convo at the top of this post, you can see the coaches could've cared less what I had done that morning. Which was a nice kick in the pants I needed because I knew I could dig deep.

After the 20 minute demo of boxing, we rounded out with 5 minutes of abs. Oh friends I couldn't cut it. I had to stop during planks and again the coaches weren't having it.

They were awesomely inspiring and I was a tad afraid of them so I was trying to do exactly what they said. They were great about helping folks modify if needed, which I always appreciate it. I know it can be an intimadating part of a new class if you are newer to working out or to the type of workout. 

They kicked our booties in 30 minutes... and that was just 1/2 of a normal glass. Oh wow! Of course these guys are in kick-ass shape!

Title Boxing officially opens at Assembly Row on July 10 and I can't wait to check out a full class. 

Please note: You can check out a class
at Title Boxing for free!!

As previously mentioned, Club Pilates is already opened. I am waiting on official dates of when Orange Theory and Barre N9ne will open at Fitrow. I will let you all know as soon as I do.