*RECAP* Gone For A Run's Run With Me Virtual 5k

What else would I do on the morning of International travel than knock out a little 5k?

Well the perk of a virtual race is being able to complete it wherever and whenever you want!

So instead of worrying about driving, parking, completing a race and getting home in time for my flight... I was able to wake up early and knock out the Gone For A Run's Run With Me Virtual 5k in my own neighborhood. 

I really needed this as I had to defer my triathlon entry for this morning due to the very reasons listed above. :( Thank goodness the race director is understanding and let me do that. I hate missing the Cohasset Tri - the course is wicked beautiful.

Since I was up before 6am this morning, I was able to lace up my sneakers, pop on my Sparkle Athletic skirt and hit the path.

I set my intentions for the run... FUN! 

Can you tell I was trying to be artsy? Can you also read that it really did say "Fun Run" at the start of my virtual race?

I did a quick stretch, sang the National Anthem to myself and checked out the competition. 

Sweet! I was the only one that opted to run the race at this time which meant I was guaranteed to place! :)

3... 2... 1... GO!!!

And I was off.

I have been having some pain in my left hip and right Achilles because you know. Once I fixed one injury another had to pop up. UGH!

So I was really letting the Achilles set the tone of the run. If I needed to walk or slow it down, I was allowing myself to do that.

I'm wicked lucky to have such an amazing running path just outside my door. It's a joy to have tiny pieces of nature as we are surrounded by highways and city life.

There wasn't a Mile 1 marker, but I made sure to celebrate anyway.

Mile 1: 8:15

I'm still getting used to the new shorter hair, but let me tell you how freeing it was to not have to stop multiple times during Mile 1 to fix my ponytail. The less fuss on a run the better in my opinion.

I was enjoying my Wait Wait Don't Tell Me podcast and taking in the sunny weather.

Oh it looks like someone got a little love on the course.

Some day I am going to come out before a run and leave myself some race love. I have to up my virtual run game even higher.

Mile 2 was chugging along until I was hit with a detour.

This was NOT on the course map. ;) I kid I kid. Luckily I go with the flow so I just took my course to the grass. Who doesn't love a little off-roading mid-race? Well usually me. :P

Now I usually say a LOT of a certain F word during runs/races, but today was all FUN!

I was wondering why I was the only person on the path so early in the morning then I stumbled up on this sign.

OOPS! Well now it all makes sense. That's what I get when I run the opposite direction on the path? Is that a thing? Shouldn't they really have these on both entrances to this stretch of the path?

Mile 2: 7:51

With some anxiety starting to surface over my trip to Amsterdam for work, I focused my energy during the final mile on the positives of the trip and how amazing it is going to be. I was all packed, I had triple checked my packing list and I could always buy something I forgot there.

Of course running past the Mystic River was offering it's own calming effect.

Do you think anyone would let me borrow one of their boats? ;)

I decided before the run I'd be ending at Dunkin Donuts to pick up coffees for the wife and I so you know I tried to pick up the pace at the end.

While I thought I was flying I ended up posting the same pace during Mile 3 as I did at Mile 2.

Mile 3: 7:51

It still amazes me that I've come so far from the days of 12-13-14 min/mile paces to being able to break out a sub 7 min/mile.

And technically Mile 3 was a HAIR faster than Mile 2! Just sayin'... :P


As you can see, I wasn't able to bring either pup with me, but that didn't stop her from swiping my bling!

I mean she pulls it off. Doesn't she?

Overall it was another great Gone For A Run virtual race. Swag (t-shirt, bib, medal) all arrived in plenty of time before the June 22-26 race window. BUT there are still race spots available if you haven't registered yet. 


Disclaimer: I did receive comped entry to the race for being a part of the Gone For A Run Virtual Run Team, but all thoughts are my own. Ain't nobody got time for lyin'!