My Second Stop At #FITRow: Title Boxing Assembly Row

On June 5, I took a 30-minute demo Title Boxing class just five hours after tackling a sprint triathlon.

Oohhh boy!

If the 30-minute demo left me on the ground, I wonder how I would deal with the normal 60-minute class.

Well it was time to find out on Thursday, July 13...

Since I am the FITRow Ambassador, I have the honor of trying out each of the studios and sharing with each of your my honest reviews. You know I don't lie! :)

So on the 13th, I nervously walked over to FITRow - thankfully that walk from my house to the studio took a whomping 7 minutes - so I didn't have too much time to really process the nerves. ;)

With each stepped climbed, my nerves seemed to rise. What was I getting myself into? Would I be able to last the entire 60 minutes? Would they let me modify if need be? Would I be the least fit person in the room?

As soon as I was walked in I was greeted with smiles and excited cheers of welcome. 

General Manager Ryan was a pleasure to work with and put my endless nerves at ease. Phew!

Of course the instructors would be open to modifying if you need to.
Of course you can stop and take your breath whenever you are feeling overwhelmed.
Of course you will last the entire 60 minutes.
Of course the class will feature people of all fitness levels.
Of course you can ask questions or clarification whenever you need to.

Ryan took me on a quick tour of the facility before my 5:30pm class.

Not only does Title Boxing offer boxing class, they also offer personal training and boxing class (in an actual ring).

Ryan put me in touch with one of the instructors to get me ready for the class. They got me a set of hand wraps.

Once the hand wraps (value $10) were on and I had a set of boxing gloves, it was time to find myself a bag and set up shop.

This Title Boxing location is the largest in the country with 61 bags available so there were plenty of options to choose from. 

The instructor - Johnny "Speed" Garcia - would be moving consistently throughout the class so everyone would be able to see his demos/hear his instructions. So it didn't matter where I actually set up my stuff.

Now it was time to get the party started! No turning back now...

Here is how the class was set up:

  • 15-minute warm-up, which included things like jumping jacks, burpees, squats, high knees, etc
  • 8 rounds at the bag with each round lasting 3 minutes and each round... there was 1 minute in between each round which featured moves featured in the warm-ups
  • 15-minute session of abs/core

And the result?


Yes that needed to be all caps because that is how I felt walking out the door of the studio after class.

I felt like a freakin' badass!

It was tough. I was sweating. I wanted to quit many times. I modified where I had to. But I finished with a smile on my face.

There are TVs all around the studio which feature the countdown clocks. How much time is left in the warm-up, round or core session. I both loved and hated that feature. Haha. I think you can tell I hated that when I looked up during core work and still had 12 minutes to go. How had only 3 minutes gone by? ;)

Since there were constant instructions/changes during all 3 parts of class, I never felt bored. Whenever I thought I can't do one more hook, Johnny yelled a new move to do. Phew!

As I looked around at the class, which had about 20 people in it, I saw everyone modifying when needed or taking a break to grab some water. So I didn't feel like I was the ONLY person needing a break here and there. Plus Johnny kept reminding us to grab water or take a break whenever we felt it. Thank you Johnny!

Since this was my first class, I was worried about getting lost in the lingo, but again Johnny did a great job of demoing each of the moves for everyone in the class. He was constantly on the move and making sure everyone was on the same page.

Now when it came to the abs/core work, it was no joke. Johnny threw in some of his favorite ab moves and they were no joke. The man may look sweet (pictured above), but he BRINGS the pain. Haha. But he had a smile on the entire time. :)

Overall, the class was seriously a blast. I didn't feel out of place or shamed at all for modifying. As I said many folks around me were doing the same thing. I left knowing I gave it 100% and ready to get back in to the studio as quickly as possible. 

If you have frustration/aggression like I do, THIS is the place for you! I felt 1000 times better when I walked out of that door.

Interested in taking your own class at Title Boxing Assembly Row? Your first class is FREE! You read that right.


The monthly membership at Title will run you $129 a month (unlimited classes).

There is a personal training special going on right now: Buy 4 hours, Get 1 free. So 5 hours for the price of 4.

So who will join me for a class? I've got my hand wraps and I'm ready to go another round.


Note: As the FITROW Ambassador, I am going to be trying out each of the studios opening at Assembly Row. Please note while I got a complimentary class, my reviews are always honest. Ain't nobody got time for lyin'!