#ThreeThingsThursday: FITROW Event, A Successful Swim & First Tri Of The Year

I am pretty darn proud of myself for getting more consistent with actually completing my alliteration posts: #ThreeThingsThursday and #FaceItFriday!

Before I jump into my three things for today's post, I want to share one thing. Shall we call it Exhibit A since I am not counting it within the three? Do we call it Thing Infinity?

Either way I was shocked when my friend posted on my Facebook page that she found a picture of Page and I on the ZOOMA Race marketing postcard they were giving out at Boston's Run To Remember race last weekend.

Oh hey! It's Page and I from the 2015 ZOOMA Cape Cod race. This is one of my favorite Finish Line photos. Good air. We had just rocked a nice 1:47 even with all our pics. :) 

I will hold on to this card as a nice momento. 

Okay okay now to the REAL three things:

1) FITRow Health And Wellness Event June 10 (Saturday)

In case you missed my post yesterday, I am honored to be an ambassador for Assembly Row's FITROW in Somerville, MA.

FITROW will be hosting a free event on Saturday, June 10 where folks can try classes from the studios that will be opening this summer.

Here's the schedule of classes:

12pm: Barre n9ne
1pm: Orange Theory Fitness
2pm: Club Pilates
3pm: Title Boxing Club

Note: These classes will take place in the amphitheater. You will be asked to check in and sign a liability waiver. One ticket per person is allowed for each class.

Since I have a triathlon that morning, I will be attending the 3pm Title Boxing Club class if anyone wants to join me for that followed by an adult beverage at Tony C's!

Register For Classes Here 

2) A Successful Swim

For some reason I've had a hard time getting back into my three swims a week routine I was loving earlier in the year. I am working on making it a priority in June and can't wait to add in some outdoor swims too!

On Tuesday, I was working from home and was able to sneak in a quick swim workout during lunch. 

My workout plan was: 300 warmup, 8x25 mixed form, 4x100 moderate pace, 4x50 speed pace, 4x25 push the pace, 4x25 mixes form, 300 cooldown.

I was pleasantly surprised with what paces I was able to put up especially with the quad pain I was experiencing.

Additionally, I liked see how consistent (for the most part) the sets were.

I can't wait to use this as a base and see what sort of numbers I can put up by the end of the summer!

Man I love swimming! Thankful my parents put me in lessons as a baby. I feel so comfortable and welcomed in the water. :)

3) First Tri Of The Year

Ahhhhh how is it June now? 

My first triathlon of the season is quickly approaching - Max Performance Triathlon's Inaugural Harvest Triathlon (Sprint).

I can't wait to toe the line, but I am also WICKED nervous. No matter the distance I lose the most sleep and worry the most over triathlons. I think it's my lack of confidence on the bike. It's something I have been working on since 203, but I still dislike the bike portion of the race. Haha.

I usually spend the entire bike portion either worrying about getting a flat tire and praying I don't OR dreaming of being done with the bike and on to my favorite part - the run.

Now you know me, I still take in the scenery as much as possible - especially with all of the Max races. They are always in the prettiest part of the state.

I am looking forward to seeing so many of my ZOOM teammates and getting the first triathlon of the year under my belt - I always feel better after that. :)

Anyone else racing Harvest Tri? If not, there is still time to register!

As I get ready to head to bed, I am going to list out my 3 positives from this past week that I will repeat before stepping on the scale. Note: I expect #FaceItFriday to be a gain after a not-so-on-plan week!

1) I tracked every single Bite, Lick and Taste even when I went -200+ for the week.
2) I focused on blogging this past week and am actually caught up on my race recaps for 2017!
3) I took time the last few mornings to go buy a Dunkin iced coffee, turn on a podcast and take myself on a nice walk around the river near my house for some "me" time. Ohhh that really helped with my mindset for the rest of the day! I really want to keep that going.

Happy Friday Eve Friends!