#SaturdaySkinny: Creating Healthy Habits

You’d think after being a Weight Watchers member for 9 years (and a leader for 4) that I would have this Healthy Habits thing down. Well guess what friends? I’m human and shit happens! Haha


Before I dive deeper into this week’s meeting, let’s backtrack and see how the week went. When we last met, we were talking about the Mindset shift.

We left last week’s meeting with a plan. We were working to eat in as much as possible and to make our own version of Thanksgiving Dinner.

Overall the week was less stressful at work, which meant I didn’t strive to Emotionally Eat as much as I had in prior weeks. I also continued to use the group’s WhatsApp group as an anchor to WW. Even if I don’t post every single issue, it is just reading other people’s successes or struggles that keep me striving to reach my own goals. Plus it is a constant reminder that I am not alone in this journey.


During the week, I was on point with my Peloton workouts and the habits I have been working on using my Simple Habits app.


What I know is that my workout, water and step goal are working and getting closer to autopilot, but I am still missing the biggest piece… TRACKING!!!

So while I knew the week overall was better than the week prior (we also didn’t eat 1/2 a pizza each the night before weigh-in), but since I didn’t track any of my food I was still unsure how the weigh-in would go.

But I prepared myself before stepping on the scale and listed off my 3 positives from the week before:

1) No emotional eating

2) I didn’t overdue it when we had our own little Thanksgiving dinner

3) I was super kind to myself over teh week, which is not something that has happened often recently

Then I stepped on the scale…


Down 2.4kg… 5.4lbs!


Total Lost: 56.5 (38.9 with WW)
Current weight: 178.5
Heaviest (recorded) weight: 235
Weight Watchers Start weight: 217.4
Goal weight: 155
Lowest weight: 150.2

THAT felt good!!!! I am now 5.3 lbs from my lowest Amsterdam weight (which was back in May. The wife and I really want to take this time (aka winter) to take advantage of no travel and focus on our healthy habits. The wife returned to under 200lbs today and I couldn’t be more proud of her!!!

Now to the meeting topic of Healthy Habits!!

We discussed the bad habits that we all have and ho we can focus on the healthy habits we want to have in place a year from now, which was a great activity!

I agreed with another member who mentioned water intake! I know I feel better when I hit my 100oz of water a day! Not only health-wise, but I know it helps me cut down on the random/boredom snacking. In case you didn’t know the body doesn’t know the difference between thirst and hunger signals so when you think you are hungry you might just be thirsty!! This is why it is wicked important I always have a water bottle with me.

The meeting was a lively discussion with a lot of laughs which I needed. Our leader/coach Thera is a pure joy. :) She is still working on her English so some of her phrasing is a sheer delight!

It’s been nice to get back into those lime green chairs for 5 out of the last 6 weeks (even if I am only down 1,2kg (2.6lbs) during that stretch. Mentally it has been way more beneficial.

After today’s meeting I celebrated my one-year anniversary of getting my Peloton bike with 2 rides and I am now 18 rides from 200!!!

Seriously keeping on my Peloton not only helps me physically, but has paid off dividends to my mental state since moving.

With a friend coming in to town this week, I am focusing again on keeping my activity level up and deciding when it is time to splurge and when it is time to keep it in check. It will help that most of our meals will be eaten at home!

What is your healthiest habit that you are proud of?