#SaturdaySkinny: Recommitting To ME

Friends! Okay well mainly internet friends I am feeling a groove again. I feel supported and like maybe I am on the right path again!!

Now I TOTALLY thought I would gain this week since I had a friend in town. Overall I still ate at home, but we did venture into the Heineken Experience and a DELICIOUS dinner at Pasta Pasta.

I do want to thank November Project for being wicked welcoming to my friend Robert and leaving us both with a good butt-kicking.

Despite looking like a marshmallow in these pics, I was feeling pretty strong. With the recent tendinitis diagnosis I should not have been running on it… but I kept the sprints in check and didn’t push 100%.

We did our best to rack up as many steps as possible, including a day with over 30k steps on the ‘ol Fitbit. We also took the Heineken Experience tour, which is a staple when anyone comes to visit.

Overall I tried my best to make balanced choices and I was able to keep my Peloton riding streak alive because Robert gets it and worked around giving me some time to get it done. I even got a shiny 20 day badge!!!


We also made one of our crockpot staples - Skinny Ms. Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken - with spaghetti squash. Honestly before WW I had no idea I would like spaghetti squash, but it is pretty darn tasty paired with a good sauce/topping.


While Robert left on Friday morning, I wondered on Friday night how weigh-in would go. I wasn’t going to get my hopes up since I know I didn’t move as much as normal and ate out more. But we were going to go and reset!

I gave myself my 3 positives before stepping on the scale:

1) Kept my Peloton workouts in check

2) Continued to get my 100oz of water

3) Was gentle with myself when I was feeling like I wanted to beat myself up

I stepped on the scale expecting a small gain and was somehow met with a small loss. I’ll take the pleasant surprise.

Total Lost: 56.9 (39.3 with WW)
Current weight: 178.1
Heaviest (recorded) weight: 235
Weight Watchers Start weight: 217.4
Goal weight: 155
Lowest weight: 150.2

We were given new materials while WW rolled out a global policy to have consistent materials all over the world!


FINALLY!!! I have been hoping for this day for a long time. I always heard little differences when folks would visit Boston when I was a Leader.

Only downside is they only had the Dutch version. Well it will force me to learn some words if I want to know what is going on. :P

Now that I was feeling confident I was going to be faced with a tough week… the wife would be heading to the States for 10 days leaving me alone with the pups. Oh boy! I think we all know the wife is the cook and I seriously lack that skill. So when she goes I always get nervous about what I will have and forcing myself to not get lazy and just order out.

I am going to commit to still go to my WW meeting on Saturday, which I hope keeps me in check this week. I will also rely on our WW WhatsApp group to stay connected to my support system.

Here’s to another balanced week…