#SaturdaySkinny: Love Yourself

Before I launch into the week recap, I wanted to share something that I shared on Facebook as well:

Just a clarification I use skinny in the hashtag like getting the skinny or lowdown on what happened on Saturday at WW. NOT in the I am working to get skinny. I got some questions and just wanted to clarify! This journey with WW is about dropping the pounds I gained, but really reclaiming my healthy habits!!

Okay now that I got that out there… I can tell you all about my exciting week! ;) Please note the sarcasm…

I will tell you the highlight of my week was the wife returning from the States. It was a long 10 days without her and the pups and I were happy to welcome her home on Wednesday!

Overall I am proud of my choices while she was gone. I ate dinner our twice, but only overate once. I made myself dinner once. I didn’t emotionally eat once. I got all of my Peloton workouts in. So yes it was a successful week!


The one thing I would change was the portions I was eating, but we will be tackling that in the coming weeks.

Heading into the WW meeting I wasn’t sure how the week would go because again the portions haven’t been monitored, but I was feeling happy with how the past few weeks had gone. I didn’t care what the scale itself said.

The wife and I headed to the meeting and before stepping on the scale I recited by 3 positives for the week:

Note: I cannot recommend this exercise enough for folks to do before they step on the scale of their own weigh-in.

1) I completed my #WOMS30DaysOfHappiness challenge on Weds and it really did make an impact
2) Despite a hell week at work, I did not emotionally eat once! 
3) Had some great self-care moments that I am proud of!

Down 100g (0.3 lbs)

Total Lost: 58.9 (41.3 with WW)
Current weight: 176.1
Heaviest (recorded) weight: 235
Weight Watchers Start weight: 217.4
Goal weight: 155
Lowest weight: 150.2

Woo Woo! Of course I would’ve liked to see a 20 lb loss (hahaha… kidding), but I did like seeing 4-consecutive weeks of losses. That really means something is starting to click again. I am now 2.9 lbs from my lowest WW weight, which was back in May. I am using that as my current mini goal.

I found this quote online and have updated it as the background of my phone for some extra motivation and a reminder to simply Love Myself at all points during this journey.


I know I have said this often, but being my own cheerleader has been one of the hardest parts of this journey to turn around. Why is self-love so hard for me? I mean I was really turning a corner in the US, but since moving I have taken about 894758754 steps back. My self-confidence is completely gone (which sucks because it took me so long to build it up) and my anxiety feels like it is constantly rising. I am really hoping that year 2 of living aboard (yes we just hit 11 months) goes better than the first year.

But I have really enjoyed getting back into the WW meeting room/workshop. It has been nice connecting with other folks (if even for just 30 min) that are going through this same journey and navigating a new country. I even went so far as to suggest we have a group lunch after one of the meetings and people got on board! I had thought about putting it out in the WhatsApp group for weeks before I built up the courage to say it…. and now it is happening 19 January! :) YAY!

OOhhh and WW came out of with new products. I’m especially excited to try the shortbread cookies!


While I am excited for new products, I am sad to see my little protein bars go out of stock. I may or may not have loaded up last time we were there. I mean I love having these during my Peloton rides. The WW coach promises they are coming out with a replacement.


So while I continue to sort out the fun emotional side of weight loss and living abroad, I am going to focus on adding a new habit to my Simple Habits tracker (pictured earlier in the post). Here it is…

The goal for this week: Track at least 3 days!!

This is stemming from me needing to work on my portion control. I am happy with how the scale is going, but I know I am wasting points on empty calories and time to tighten up on where those are!