#SaturdaySkinny: Who Knew Tracking Works?

When we last met, I was coming off my fourth-consecutive week with a loss, it was tiny, but a loss is a loss. During the meeting we were discussing what we hoped to see accomplished a year from now. I’ve played this game before and inevitably fail at meeting whatever I set. Now quite a few times it was life throwing me huge curveballs - like moving to another country - but I really want this upcoming year to be different.


Instead of waiting until the New Year, I promised myself I would track at least 3 days this past week. I didn’t care how bad the numbers were. It was about re-examining my portions and to see how badly I was lying to myself of how much I was really eating… mainly when I wasn’t in fact hungry. I also felt like I was tracking in my head and GREATLY underestimating the actual points. Hint: I was! ;)

With the help of 2 accountability buddies (Margaret and Linds) I set out to track what I had normally been eating over the week on the Monday. My goal is 23 DPT (Daily Points Target). I clocked in Monday at 62 pts… well that was SLIGHTLY more than my target. Now I did earn 18 fitpoints, which you can in fact eat (and I usually do). I didn’t get discouraged with myself at all, but used it as a tool to adjust the rest of the week. Like hey self you don’t need a croissant (13pts) each morming. Let’s pick something more satisfying and lower in points - like greek yogurt (0pts).

Instead of throwing in the towel, I kept tracking for the week (again in a judgement free way). Not only did I make it 3 days… I made it 5!!!!

Day 1: 62 pts eaten; 18 fitpoints earned
Day 2: 40 pts eaten; 18 fitpoints earned
Day 3: 38 pts eaten; 11 fitpoints earned (didn’t count NP since I don’t know how to calculate it)
Day 4: 56 pts eaten; 17 fitpoints earned
Day 5: 27 pts eaten; 18 fitpoints earned

You can see there was some serious improvement over the course of the week. I also held tight to my other habits as well - in terms of fitness and water.


Additionally I think we can all agree I had a little fun at the November Project workout on Wednesday!


During the NP workout I thought: “Okay this feels easier than a few weeks ago.” Then I sort of yelled at myself. It wasn’t that it was easier... it was that I’ve gotten stronger! I’ve been working hard to shed these unwanted pounds, putting in time on the Peloton and focusing on a little core work (5-min video workout & #plankaday)! Just reminding myself and all of you it’s okay to be proud of ourselves!

Honestly I came into this weigh-in grumpy! I had checked on the home scale and saw a gain I wasn’t expecting. I joked with friends this week that I’d gain because I FINALLY tracked!

So before I got on the scale I shared my 3 positives for the week:

1) tracking 5 days
2) no emotional eating
3) measured/weighed all my food Mon-Fri


Down 2.4 lbs/1.1 kg!!!!!!!!!

Total Lost: 61.3 (43.7 with WW)
Current weight: 173.7
Heaviest (recorded) weight: 235
Weight Watchers Start weight: 217.4
Goal weight: 155
Lowest weight: 150.2

And I was HAPPY to see a loss!! I’m now 0.5lbs/200g away from being back to my lowest AMS which was back in May. The time before the wife and I went off the rails this summer/fall.

To my surprise I also hit my 5kg weight-loss mark (again) since joining the AMS program so I walked away with some bling…


If you don’t remember I LOVE ME some WW Bling!! So I’m pretty excited to start a new collection here. :)

The meeting was small but it was still great to have a checkpoint after a really successful week. It also gave me my goal for the week… to once again track at least 5 days. Yes that meant over Christmas. Again I would do it in a judgment free way.

You can see that even though I went way over I was still able to lose. For me with WW it isn’t always about the actual numbers, but the accountability in my choices and to occasionally curb a slide before it happens by seeing the numbers grow. At no point last week did I feel deprived. I had wine and bread but just not as much!

I’m not worried as much about Christmas week as others since I have zero plans. The wife will be making mashed potatoes, but we are going to make sure not as much as at Thanksgiving. She also ordered a smoked turkey, which will be good low-point leftovers.

We have committed going to the meeting next week and I really hope I can squeak out that loss!!

But if not that’s okay… it’s life! Just one weigh-in out of many…

Happy Holiday week friends!

Oh oh oh and THANKS to Susan for sending me the new WW materials in English. We only have the Dutch version in Amsterdam so far…