There Through Thick & Thin...

Whenever asked what my longest relationship is I usually answer: 8+ years. That is how long my car, Jinxie, and I have been together. BUT, then I think of one confidant ... one friend ... one support that has been with me since the beginning.

No not my parents or my family, but the one and only Curious George.

2013-02-25 21.24.38

Curious George and I were united when I was just 6 months old. My mom always says it was love at first sight.

Yes, at one point in time he was about my size if not slightly bigger than me (even though I was a hefty little kid).

I am an only child so growing I didn't always have people around to hang out with, but George was always there.

I remember crying into his face when I would sleep at night if I was upset.

If I was out of town at my grandparents and missed home, I would make sure to smell George whenever I needed to get that "home smell."

I think you all know what I mean by the "home smell."

Even when I went away to college, George came with me. I didn't care if anyone saw that I was the girl that still kept a stuffed animal with me.

I studied abroad during the summer of my Junior Year of college in Ireland ... and you guessed it - George was the first thing I packed.

He is a world traveler you know. :)

Whenever I need a sense of comfort, George is the first thing I grab.

My friends have nicknamed him "Crusty Monkey" due to his poor ability to age well. :P

I can say at the age of 30, I still sleep with George on my pillow every night.

2013-02-25 21.24.18

Just like this!

George has clearly weathered the storm of being with me for 29.5 years, but I am thankful for him. He may not answer my questions. The conversations may be one-sided.

But, when I have felt completely alone, George has been there ... when I was depressed and feeling like I wanted to end it all, George was there to catch the tears ... when I am away from home, he still brings me back to the safe place of my bedroom.

I will continue to patch and sew George up for as long as I can because he deserves to see where I am headed since he has been there since the beginning.

Do you have anything that you have kept with you for years? Something that you use as a security blanket?