Disney - Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

Did you really think the only thing we would do on Day 2 in Disney would be the Walt Disney World Half Marathon? Heck no!! ;)

We had to put a full day in at Magic Kingdom after the run.

After I refueled with a shower, breakfast and my low fat chocolate milk.

2013-01-12 10.59.07

It was time to grab the shuttle and head back to the Magic Kingdom ;) but this time to enjoy some rides. :P

2013-01-12 17.16.46

Ohhh the memories had already started on Day One (Race Expo/Hollywood Studios) and during the run, but they were going to continue...

We walked through the gates and it was a madhouse. I think all of the Half Marathoners (who had run that morning) and the Marathoners (who were running the following day, Sunday) were in the house. It was busy, but we were ready.

Heading down Main Street after having run down in it hours earlier in the pitch black was surreal and I couldn't stop smiling. :)

2013-01-12 17.17.37

Seeing the Castle in the sun was just as thrilling as in the pitch black of the early morning. Again, I haven't been to Disney in about 12 years, but the Castle still took my breath away.

Our game plan was to enter the Park and immediately head to get a fast pass for Under The Sea ~ Journey Of The Little Mermaid, which we did. After securing the fast pass, we hit up Philharmagic (which was located directly next to the fast pass machine).

Philarharmagic was a cute and enjoyable 3D cartoon complete with Disney staples of Mickey, Donald and Goofy.

After Philharmagic we had to see It's A Small World, which happen to shut down for the day right after we walked through the gates.

Once we finished It's A Small World, we headed back to Under The Sea ~ Journey Of The Little Mermaid, which was a delight.

2013-01-12 17.18.19

2013-01-12 13.41.55

Clamshell cars take you through the ride

2013-01-12 13.43.36

2013-01-12 13.44.15

2013-01-12 13.47.23

Following Mermaid, we headed to Space Mountain, which shockingly only had a 30-minute wait (pretty low for that day), Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, which was hilarious and did a great job improvising with audience participation, Stitch's Great Escape! and finished up with Pirates of the Caribbean before heading to dinner.

2013-01-12 15.05.05

For dinner we met back up with my parents and treated ourselves to the Character Dinner at The Crystal Palace!! While the food was nothing to write home about (typical buffet fair) you realize you aren't there for the food. :P You are there to see the characters and we had the crew from Winnie the Pooh! YAY!!

My absolute favorite Disney character is Eeyore so I was WICKED excited when I found out who we would be seeing!

It takes about an hour to an hour and a half for all of the characters to make it around the palace.

2013-01-12 17.27.41

2013-01-12 18.21.22

2013-01-12 18.22.04

and last, but of course not least in MY mind

2013-01-12 17.28.41

After dinner we had grand plans of hanging out for the 8pm Wishes spectacular then the 9pm Main Street Electrical Parade, but the 2am wake up call was starting to take a toll on the wife & I. So we opted for one final ride before heading back to the Hotel.

The wife wanted to go on Mad Tea Party (aka tea cups) and for some reason I agreed. Even though we JUST had dinner. So it wasn't our best decision, but it was still fun!

2013-01-12 18.41.31

2013-01-12 18.43.09

How can they not be?

After steadying myself post tea cups, we headed back to the bus area to grab the shuttle to the hotel.

2013-01-12 19.30.06

We ended up stopping to have a drink at the pool bar at the hotel "Centertown" area. Since Magic Kingdom is booze free, it took until about 8pm for me to finally have my post-race celebratory beer. We sat down and enjoyed a bit of Hercules while I relished in my victory beer.

2013-01-12 19.42.34

Since the wife was really getting tired, we headed back to the room. She immediately passed out, while I continued my celebration a little longer.

2013-01-12 21.56.12

Yup, I'm klassy with a capital K!

Before I knew it, I too was fast asleep with dreams of Epcot the next day dancing through my head.

Oh, but don't let me forget to tell - and show - that despite all the action of the day I still got my Plankaday in ... in costume no less!

2013-01-12 20.40.51