A Pretty Sweet Saturday Afternoon...

After kicking off Saturday, April 13 with a great shakeout run with Runner's World that morning, I had a big afternoon planned. The wife and I headed back into town to enjoy lunch with a couple of my favorite bloggers: Colleen from TheFitBee.com and Samantha from RunningAndCupcakes.com. We had planned on MJ O'Connor's Pub, but it was so much easier to just head to Whiskey's across from the Boston Marathon Expo - since everyone wanted to head there afterwards.

Yes, I was planning a second trip to the Expo. :P


I owe Twitter for bringing me together with these two lovely, amazing, inspiring and just overall kick ass people. They push me to be a better runner, person and blogger every day. It is so fun when online relationships turn into real life friendships. :)

Samantha lives in Rhode Island, but was volunteering at a water stop along the Marathon course on the Monday. While Colleen was going to rock a 50k the following day then run - sorry own - the Boston Marathon the next day.

Rock Stars!!

After a great lunch and some yummy beer, we headed back over to the Expo. We were walking around as a happy little group until I saw something shiny and of course got separated from everyone else. Oops!

The wife and I did another loop around the Expo before having to head home to get ready for our evening plans.


We had just enough time to get home and change before heading back into town for the Tedy's Team Pasta Dinner, which was being held at the Lenox Hotel.


The Lenox Hotel would be our post-race reunion location as well. Such a great feature offered by Tedy's Team. Plus it was RIGHT by the Finish Line, which meant we wouldn't have to walk too far following the race.


(Note: We obviously didn't get to enjoy The Lenox Hotel as a post-race location because of the bombings that took place, but I thank the Hotel for all the help they offered for my teammates and their families on that day!)

It was great to be surrounded by the whole team.


Photo Courtesy Of Tedy's Team

Aren't we one good-looking group? :)

We had a delicious pasta dinner in the Dome Room, which sported a beautiful blue ceiling.


The centerpieces were plants cradled in the official Boston Marathon Sneakers from New Balance.


After dinner, Zack (our fearless leader), Tedy's wife and son, and two of my teammates (Christine and Nate) all gave moving, motivational and inspiring speeches to get us pumped up for Monday's run. With tears in my eyes and pride in my heart, I was ready to face that Boston Marathon.

I was ready to make myself, my family, my Stroke Heroes and my team proud.

The team dinner wrapped up about 9pm and the wife and I headed over to the Runner's World party, which was being held just a few streets away.


Do you think my KT Tape went with my black dress? ;)

We walked the 0.4 miles to Lucca Back Bay to attend the Runner's World party.

runner sign

I loved seeing large blowups of the magazine around the restaurant then seeing the people from the cover there in person. Surreal.


Since I had an early morning the next day - running BAA 5k - we hung around for about 30 minutes or so then headed home. It was cool to see so many running celebrities in one room.

It was a great day being surrounded by motivating friends and fellow runners!! A great pump up for the BAA 5k on the Sunday and the Marathon on the Monday!