Want to learn more about She Runs Boston? Meet the Run Leaders!

What the heck is She Runs Boston you may be asking???? Well….

Are you a Boston area lady runner?

Have you been looking for a new running buddy? Or two? Or 10?

Do you need some extra accountability to get out at least once a week and log some miles?

Is having fun during a run a priority?

Then She Runs Boston (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) will be for you!

She Runs Boston, formerly known as Boston LUNA Chix, will be running out of the Athleta on Newbury Street on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm - BEGINNING April 14. The group will meet in the back of the Athleta store, where there is a bathroom to use, a water fountain and a place to store your bag during the run (yes someone is watching it while you are out on the town).

You may be worried about not finding someone in their pace at a group run – not a problem here at She Runs Boston. The group will run the gamut of paces. There are speedsters, run/walk method, middle-of-the-packers, back-of-the-packers, folks that like to take pictures while running, selfies, etc.

Also She Runs Boston has a no drop policy so a sweep will stay with the final participants on both distances.

There will be two distance options – 3 of 4 miles – and you can choose whichever you want.

So let's meet the other eight ladies that will be leading these runs... shall we?


Since you read this blog so you know enough about me! ;) (For those that aren't normal readers, I'm Dani and SUPER excited to be a team lead!)

Ashley (Captain)


Why Did You Start Running: I wanted to run the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge with coworkers so I trained and fell in love with it. In 2009 I went from running a 5K to a marathon in a year! After a few setbacks with injuries, I haven't been running distance but I hope to get back to it later this year!

Most Enjoyable Distance To Race: 10K, just long enough to balance speed and distance and manageable training wise

Favorite Thing About She Runs Boston: It's a great group of women who run at various paces and we don't leave anyone behind, everyone feels comfortable running their own pace, knowing they will have a buddy!

Jessie (Captain)


Why Did You Start Running: I had just had ACL surgery, and everyone told me that I'd never be able to run pain-free. I took it as a challenge! 10 years, 3 marathons, 13 half marathons and countless other races later -- I think I've proved them all wrong!

Most Enjoyable Distance To Race: Half Marathon -- it's always a challenge, but training for it doesn't have to take over your entire life as it does with a marathon.

Favorite Thing About She Runs Boston: The people! It's so wonderful knowing that I have this amazing group of women for weekly runs. Some of my best friends are women I've met through this run group!


IMG_0445 (2)

Why Did You Start Running: I started running in college, probably to make up for all the beer I was drinking. I will still run for beer today!

Favorite distance: 10K

Favorite thing about She Runs Boston: I've met some great people who share my interests.



Why Did You Start Running: When I first starting working out with a personal trainer, the trainer had me set some fitness goals. One of my goals was to run a 5k as I was not a runner. My first 5k was the St. Patrick's Day race in Davis Square in 2013. From there, I became addicted to running since I competed mostly with myself on distance and speed.

Favorite distance: I don't have a favorite distance as I use running to escape reality and just think. I have ran a couple 5k's and a 10k. I would like to run a half marathon this year.

Favorite thing about She Runs Boston: My favorite thing about She Runs Boston is meeting new ladies that run different paces and make sure no one is left behind.


Danielle Marquis_smaller

Why Did You Start Running: 1. In college Honestly - to lose weight 2. I started calling myself a runner/racer after college when I no longer had field hockey and needed an outlet to compete and feel mentally and physically complete

Most Enjoyable Distance To Race: Half Marathon

Favorite Thing About She Runs Boston: My favorite thing about SRB is that I have weekly accountability because I know that there will be a group of awesome, motivated and really fun women who are taking their time to just show up and run - so why not push myself to get there and be present with them!



Why Did You Start Running: 1. After college- I was burned out from Swimming and I wanted to meet new people in my new city, Boston :) 2. I didn't think I was a good runner (swim coaches always told me I wasn't built to run). So I took it slowly and didn't care about times, just putting one foot in front of another. I was challenged to run a long-distance relay race (reach the beach) only weeks after I started running outside and after a creative "training day"- I determined I could at least try it. I did it and loved it!

Most Enjoyable Distance To Race: Half Marathon

Favorite Thing About She Runs Boston: My favorite thing about SRB is the collaborative, cooperative, peer (fun) pressure to get to the run, say hi, smile, and think about others while getting in a workout. It gets me OUT of my own head, and into having fun with great people.



Why Did You Start Running: I ran track and field in high school, but after college I needed an outlet for staying active. A friend of mine invited me to go running and after that I was hooked

Most Enjoyable Distance To Race: Half Marathon! Great distance and the training is manageable with a hectic schedule!

Favorite Thing About She Runs Boston: I love connecting with fabulous lady runners in the Boston area. Some of my closest friends have come from running with this team. I also love running with ladies who are new to the sport and discover that yes, they can CRUSH 3 Miles :)



Why Did You Start Running: My high school did not have girls varsity soccer team, so I started running cross-country in 10th grade to take the place of soccer; been running forward ever since.

Most Enjoyable Distance To Race: 10K

Favorite Thing About She Runs Boston: My favorite thing about SRB is the awesome group of women of all levels that I have meet over the past few years; bringing women together to stay active and encouraging others to get out and run or participate in any outdoor activity.


Will we see YOU for the first run of the year on April 14 at 6:30pm at Athleta on Newbury St?