*WINNER ANNOUNCED* I Got My #SparkleOn At Pure Barre!


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Lifting. Toning. Burning. Sparkling.

Sparking you say?


For those that follow me at all through Social Media or this blog know I have a slight love obsession with Sparkly Soul headbands. ;)

So last night like most Pure Barre Burlington classes, I wore one of my many Sparkly Soul headbands...

... and I was finally able to snap a few action shots of me during class. For all of your enjoyment of course!


I was nervous heading to class last night because I hadn't been since Friday due to some back/hip soreness over the weekend.

But, I was pleasantly surprised that I actually felt stronger and more comfortable in the class than in any of the previous three classes.

Okay, yes, we tend to get more comfortable as we attend/work on any sport/exercise, but I didn't know if the time off would set me back.

But, folks - I felt STRONG tonight.


Yes - me!


My girl Jess (owner  extraordinaire) taught last night's 5:20pm class and I was looking forward to seeing what she had to offer ... and boy did she bring it.

We kicked it off with the normal warmup of arms (biceps, triceps, etc) and core (90 second varied plank/additional ab exercises on the floor).

I was wicked excited because for the first time to date I was able to hold the 3 lb weights throughout the entire warmup! YES!

Normally I have to stop halfway through or put them down and then pick them back up later in the workout. But not last night, I actually was able to hold them the entire time.

That must mean I have some baby muscles in there somewhere, right? :)


I was feeling confident making it through the first section of class without having to alter the moves...

...then we headed into "thigh" work!

Can you tell I knew the camera was on me here? ;)

This is one tough portion of class where you have to be up on your tip toes, bend your knees, squeeze the ball and tuck your tailbone - sometimes all at the same time. Woo, the tops of your thighs definitely burn!

Then Jess instructed us to get higher up on our toes and deeper into a squat at the same time - hence my smile disappearing. ;) Note the concentration on my face.

Another successful section of the class where I didn't have to pause (another first). I did slightly lessen my squat while on my toes, but I kept tucking and squeezing the ball the whole time. :)


After shaking out the legs a little and some light yoga stretching, it was on to seat work (aka booty work ;)) at the barre facing the center of the room.

It is fascinating how such tiny movements of the leg can work so many areas of your body.

With a slight bend in the standing leg, it was time to work the seat of the lifted leg through slight lifts, circling the leg, pointing the toe and straightening the leg. We did additional seat work on the lifted leg side on the floor (think tabletop position) before doing the whole segment again for the other side of the seat. :)

Woo! Three for three in making it through a section.


And then came seat work in chair position at the barre ... and my streak ended. :P

Jess upped her game to a whole new level during this section.

We got into a chair position at the barre with straight back - like sitting in a chair - and we went on our left foot on tippy toes before doing dips and pulsing in this position ... then doing the same with the right foot on tippy toes ... the finally with both on tippy toes.

And here is where the burn got a little too much for me. So I did stop once to shake out the legs, but I made sure to get right back into the position as soon as I felt ready.

I didn't think I would make it through that section, but Jess' calming voice and constant reassurance to all of us that we could do it helped me out!


Before I knew it, it was time to wrap the class up with 7 minutes of abs and 2.5 minutes of bridge work.

Thankfully for the ab work, Pure Barre wants everything to be done injury free so they have red balls available to tuck under your back and offer that extra support. Jess even suggested for my back to use two so I did that last night and the back survived the 7 minutes of core work without any pain. :)

I did a TON of bridge work in PT after my back surgery so I love this portion of class ... I got this. :P

We were able to snap a pic of pre-tuck...

...and post-tuck!

Can you spot the difference in the pelvic/hip area?


Well I entered last night's class unsure and nervous, but left feeling confident and realizing that I am already feeling a difference after just four classes.

My inner sparkle now matches the outer sparkle of my headband...

... so now comes the giveaway!! :)

Sparkly Soul has agreed to give one lucky reader of my blog one wide and one thin Sparkly Soul band of their own.

Here is how to enter:

*Please answer the following question on the blog below: “How will a Sparkly Soul headband help you sparkle?” … I will take responses until 9am ET Monday (December 3).

The winner will be picked at random … Good luck! :)


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