What A Difference

So I went to Ryan Dempster's Casino Night on Wednesday and the theme was "Vegas Chic." Anyone that knows me, knows I have NOTHING that fits in that category. So, all I knew was - it was dress time. I had two options: the Old Navy black dress I had just worn Sunday night or my Iowa wedding dress. Well, my fashion consultant Melissa said to go with the wedding dress.  Wednesday was just the second time I had worn it since Iowa (used it for a fancy party in January). I had figured out the other day I had dropped about 20ish pounds since we got married so I was really hoping the dress fit a lot looser ... and it did. I didn't realize the difference until I pulled up the pictures this morning.

Here they are...

(Day I bought the dress- october 16, 2010)


Now the actual comparisons:



NOW, I notice the difference. I mean look at my face in particular. It takes something like this for me to really sit back and say, "Wow! I am accomplishing something."

Well, this was just something that popped into my head and wanted to see the pictures side by side.

I will post more later on "taking pictures" and how that has changed for me over the past year and a half...