Half MarathonTraining Update

Last night I created my own 10k (6.2 mile) route and it was awesome. It was my first outdoor run at night. I was a little nervous when I turned around after the first 5k that the sun would be right on me, but thankfully it was hidden by the building along the lake. Thank youChicagoand your tall buildings! :) I actually felt really comfortable during the whole run, despite some tightness in my hamstrings. I was able to finish 6.2 miles in 59:48, which works out to 9:39 min/mile. That is by far my best pace for a distance that long. I was really happy when I saw that on the Runkeeper application when I finished.

I did learn that I cannot eat, even an apple, within an hour of running. The apple caused a nice cramp in my side right around mile 4, but I powered through. I just kept telling myself “Finish what you started.”

Next week’s long run is 11 miles. Just trying to figure out if I should do it Sunday (July 24) at night or wait and do it Monday morning (July 25). Only time will tell…  ;)

I cannot believe the half marathon is less than a month away! Just three more long training runs until the event (11 miles, 12 miles then 8 miles).