Truth Tuesday

So unfortunately there wasn’t a truth Tuesday last week since I was in Arizona for work…  


… and this week I was stuck to my desk during our meeting time so I had to take a “no weigh-in.”

BUT, I promise. I will be attending meeting and weighing in next week for sure!


This has been a busy couple weeks with travel and work so I haven’t had as much time to blog as I would like. There hasn’t been too much new really.

I would like to wish my wife a belated Happy Birthday (it was yesterday). She turned the big 31 going on 12 … as you can tell by the shirt :P



Non-scale win for the week was comfortably wearing a dress from 2007. I wore it a couple times last year, but still felt it was a little too snug so I hid behind a wrap/shawl. But, when I put it on Sunday night it felt good … a little roomy even!



So I was all happy and positive until this morning when someone proceeded to yell “fat a$$” at me while I walked to work. I also had someone legitimately “moo” at me a few nights ago as I walked home. Wow! Really people? But, as soon as I heard the comments. It brought me back to ninth grade when I was standing on the street with my mom waiting for the bus and someone barked at me. That moment still haunts me to this day. I also remember leaving a bar near my house inChicagoa couple years back and a group of guys also made some comments to me about how heavy I was. Ouch. I mean, I was at my heaviest at the time, but that never gives anyone the right to make those comments to anyone else.

So as I celebrated fitting in to the dress above and feeling good about myself, BAM! All the insecurities have taken over my mind today. Can people really notice I lost weight? Is this all in my head? Man, I shouldn’t have slept in instead of hitting the gym this morning. How much more do I need to lose before the comments will stop?

I know. I shouldn’t let people’s comments get to me, but sometimes – ok a lot of times – it is hard to shut those little voices off.

I do owe a thank you to the friends who have given me some positive words today despite the awful morning…