My Journey Is My Journey

I am 100% proud of what I have accomplished thus far in my weight loss journey. I thank Weight Watchers for giving me the kick in the butt I really needed. Okay I guess I need to thank my friends for taking that dreadful picture of me on Halloween 2009 that gave me the kick in the butt I needed to make a change. I could never have imagined I would have achieved as much success as I have in the last two-plus years. I have reached my weight goal, lost 63 lbs, rekindled my love of running, found a love in Spinning, tried foods I would've never thought to try, liked foods I have never thought I would like, shared my story with the world through social media, started this blog (or my little slice of the web), been featured in a magazine, started to really like the person I am and yet ...

I have always thought I could do - or be - more.

How could I not compare myself to the others around me?

Well I may have lost 63 lbs with Weight Watchers, but what about the man that lost over 300 lbs. He should be working and representing Weight Watchers over me. I haven't had as much success as him - or have I?

Why did TimeOut Chicago want to share my story when the guy on the cover lost over 200 lbs and is a Vegan. Over 200 lbs, amazing? Giving up steak? Commendable. What did I do? I lost jsut over 60 lbs and didn't give up a single food I liked. Heck yeah I still drink beer and eat french fries.

Who am I to be writing a blog? What information do I have to impart on the world? Do people really want to read what is going through my mind on any given day? Why choose my blog when there are such better writers out there.

Why must I always compare my life - my journey - my accomplishments to those around me? Why? Because that is what society does. It seems as if it is second nature in this day and age to immediately compare what you have done to someone else.


This topic is something I think about often, but was brought back to the forefront when a woman came in to Weight Watchers to weigh-in and lost 1.5 lbs. A-freakin-mazing. But she was upset. Why? The woman before her lost 5 lbs that week and she wished she had lost that much. But the truth? She didn't need to lose 5 lbs that week. She was much closer to her goal and didn't have as much to lose. It was just the fact that she wanted that big of a loss.

I turned to her and said - each person's journey is their own.

We need to remember this ... I need to remember this.


Everyone is unique. Every person is on their own journey in life. We need to stop looking to others to judge our accomplishments and to celebrate what we do. Every. Single. Thing.

Okay, I need to stop looking to others to rate whether my accomplishment is really all that great.

I should really be proud of the weight that I have lost. Hey 63 lbs is nothing to scoff at. Do I wish I could say I lost 100 lbs? Sure. But, I never had 100 lbs to lose. So it isn't an attainable, realistic goal in my life.

I have improved my 5k time from 38:21 to 25:27. What a difference, right? I have cut 13 minutes off my 5k time in a seven year span. But, would I like to run a 5k in 21 minutes? Of course, but that may not be something in my DNA. It may not be in my grasps.

I am 100% a perfect person to work for Weight Watchers. I love to share my journey (as we can see) with others and want to listen/help/aid/cheer and just be part of others who are doing the same thing. It doesn't matter if you need to lose 5 lbs or 100 lbs. I am the person is taking the steps to be part of a healthy lifestyle - that is the real journey!

I need to try to top myself and stop trying to top someone else's accomplishments.


I am making a pact today to continue to celebrate my journey ... but to STOP saying they aren't enough. That I cannot share what I have accomplished because it isn't as great as someone else's best.

I will be happy with the best I do ... but where to start?

My next big milestone is hitting Lifetime with Weight Watchers. I am hoping it will happen on February 21st. If it does, I am vowing to shout it from the rooftops. But to start, I will throw some confetti in the air and give myself as much as a Biggest Loser Finale moment as I can get! Get ready ... I will be sharing that moment! :)