Two Week-aversary In Boston

I cannot believe we got to Boston two weeks ago today. Time flies, doesn't it? How it is February 13th already is beyond me. I can tell you the last two weeks have been the least stressful two weeks of my life in about 10 years ... and I am kind of really liking it. :)

I am having an awesome time working for Weight Watchers and feeling comfortable working on the "other" side of the scale. It has been great to meet so many new faces, but I still need to work on finding my own meeting to attend. I have been listening to some great Leaders, while working, but it isn't quite the same as sitting in the meeting as a member. I had such amazing leaders in Chicago that I will have to test a few meetings out here to try and find someone at the same level as the women I have had before. :)

It has been so nice getting back in touch with friends that I haven't seen in years. I have kept in touch with many on a daily basis through gchat, text, Facebook, Twitter and phone dates ... but nothing beats a face-to-face hangout. Ya know?

My wife and I met up with about eight people on Saturday night at a great bar in Kenmore Square near Fenway and it was a great time. On the ride home, I thought about how every one of those people is active in some way shape or form - either running, Spinning, gym rat or a Rugby player. I love it. They are all people taking an active approach to Life and I am happy to surround myself with their energy. Plus, I made dates to hangout with all of them in a place that didn't have to involve food or booze ... okay, after that night. ;)

Thankfully, my wife has gotten her first week of work under her belt and I think that is helping her feel more settled. I think a set routine can help anyone get their bearings. In addition, she has found a couple hockey teams to play for, as well as a few comic book shops she can frequent. Comics/toys and hockey is pretty much all my wife needs to be happy. :P

(Note: I owe my wife a debt of gratitude each day for uprooting her life and moving 1,000 miles to a place where she doesn't know too many people to help make me happy. I hope that she learns to love and be comfortable in Boston as much as I do/am.)

It may only be 14 days in, but I think this decision will pay off for the best. It will be a long six months while we stay with my parents and all of our stuff in storage. But the sacrifice now will pay off in the end. Now we can save up some money and pick the perfect neighborhood for us to set up shop.

We are hoping to move out in September and rent for a year before buying a place and really setting up roots. (Doesn't that sound so adult? :))

So my fine friends ... sometimes you just need to follow your heart ... look at me ... my heart hasn't been this happy in a long time!