Truth Tuesday - 0.8 lb Gain

I did something this week that I don't think I have done since I started Weight Watchers way back in November 2009 ... I didn't step on my home scale once during the week before a weigh in. I have certainly gone a week without checking the home scale, but I wasn't weighing in that following week. Does that make sense? So I went in to this morning's weigh-in completely in the dark of what to expect. This week I decided to try 30 points plus a day. While in Maintenance is the time to play around with how many points you can eat a day to maintain a constant weight for the future.

This week I also got lax on tracking on Saturday and Sunday. I made sure to write everything down, but I didn't figure out the points value for everything I ate.

Well, I braved the scale this morning for Week Five of Maintenance and ... I gained 0.8 lbs. Boo! But, the victory is that I was still 0.2 lbs UNDER my goal weight so YAY for that!! :) Every weigh-in needs a silver lining ... and that was mine!


Today: Gain 0.8

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 154.8

Total Lost: 62.6


Well, this was a good experiment. It looks as if 30 points per day may be too many for me to have to maintain a constant weight. So this week I am going to try 28 points a day and see what happens there. The lowest points I should have according to Weight Watchers is 26 and 30 was too many so let's give a number right in the middle a go: 28 it is!

Last week, I also took some time away from the gym to help my IT band/patella injury heal, which may have also played a part in the gain.

Overall, I am still happy to be under my goal weight during Week Five of Maintenance. I want to stay focused and hopefully see the 0.8 lbs come off this week. Since I hit goal on January 10 at 153.8 and today I weighed in at 154.8 - let's get rid of that pesky pound gain if I can.


I am proud to say that yesterday marked the 14th-straight day that I have hit all of my Weight Watchers Healthy Checks, hit my 100oz of water, did my #plankaday and tracked/wrote down everything I had to eat or drink. THAT is a pretty sweet NSV (Non-Scale Victory).


If all goes according to plan and I weigh in between 153 and 157 on Tuesday, February 21 - I will hit Lifetime! Now this will be a time to celebrate!! I am actually going to head to a party store this weekend to try and get some confetti to throw up in the air when I do it. I want a sort of Biggest Loser Finale feeling if I can. Obviously not that much since I can't afford a confetti cannon AND it would take me forever to clean up the WW center, but just enough to get that feeling!! :)

I wish I had a regular meeting I was attending so I could do a big celebration with other members, but since that isn't in the cards right now - I will make my own celebration.


Do you have any Truth Tuesday celebrations or frustrations?