Truth Tuesday - NWI

Since I hit Lifetime last week, I only need to weigh in once a month so I didn't have a weigh-in this morning. HOWEVER, I think this is a bad thing for me. I need the accountability of facing the scale each week. If I know I don't have a weigh-in, I notice I let myself slide more than usual and we do NOT want that happening since I need to stay in the 153-157 range to still be considered Lifetime ... and to become a Leader. As I cheated and slacked all weekend on my eating (and somehow rationalized it to myself), I realized that I need to get back to attending weekly Weight Watchers meetings as a member. I have always found the meetings as a "me" time. I don't take a lot of time for myself - especially with my old job I just didn't have extra time - but I love devoting about 30-45 minutes a week to improving myself. Plus, while working, I catch bits and pieces of a meeting, but I don't get the added benefits of bouncing ideas around with other members.

Once I decided I had to get back to meetings - my last was January 17 in Chicago - I had to figure out a time and place. Thankfully with my schedule, I have more flexibility with choosing a meeting. I love my Tuesday 8am weigh-in and thankfully the Boston WW location is open for drop-in hours during that time so I can knock my weigh-in out then and attend a meeting whenever/wherever I want.

The other big decision to make was whether to attend the meeting of someone I know or to a complete stranger. I decided to go to a complete stranger so I could just feel like a member. Also, I wouldn't have to share that I was a WW employee unless I wanted to.

So after chatting with Elaine (my boss/Territory Manager), I decided to attend the Tuesday 10am meeting in Malden with Heather.

It was GREAT. It wasn't the normal WW crowd I am used to from Chicago or the Cubs, but the people were amazing. It was nice to sit back and really take in what Heather and the other members were saying. I also got to participate without anyone knowing who I was. I even got to finally celebrate hitting Lifetime in a meeting setting. That was fun and exactly what I imagined way back when when I started WW. :)

I was feeling so good after that nice 45 minute session of "me" time I hit up Costco and bought myself some beautiful roses ... and they were only $16! You know me - I like a good deal. ;)


What do you have to share on this Truth Tuesday? Did you face the scale?