Out Of Control...

I am indebted to my parents for allowing the wife, the pups and I to invade their home as we adjust to life in Boston and try to save money over the next five months (our game plan is to be in our own place by September), but being in someone else's house is wreaking havoc on my will power/will power/WW game plan! When Tori and I were in Chicago, we were in our own apartment and could control all food entering the house. I was able to ward off the "high point" trigger food and keep it at bay. And really? If "bad" food was brought in to the house by Tori, it wasn't something I usually wanted to eat so I was able to withhold from "attacking/binging" on it.

But, now? We are in someone else's space and living with two people who are not eating as healthy as I am. Which is leading to a lot of my trigger foods now being in my space. There are foods here - like Hershey Chocolate - that I haven't thought about eating in years, but I find myself craving them now. Now that I see them.

I know. I control what goes in to my body, but lately I have felt weak. I have been giving in to all these late night "cravings." I don't even think these are honestly cravings, but they are now creeping into my thoughts.

So I need to get control. I need to stop letting boredom - trigger foods - unhealthy habits creep back into my life. I have worked TOO hard to let anything derail me now.

Last night is a perfect case in point. Did I need to eat those chips or that chocolate at 9pm? Nope. Was it even that good? Nope. It was just because it was there ... and I have been in that cycle for the first month back in Boston.

Well, it stops today! I am taking back the control. I am getting back to basics. I am putting away the fake "cravings." I am getting recommitted to me...