BAA 5k – 4/15/12 – 24:58 (8:03 min/mile)

How cool is that? Yes the 5k course was part of THE Boston Marathon course. The bleachers were even set up for the Marathon so as you walked to the START line you could feel the energy that the marathoners would be feeling the next day. Okay, the bleachers were empty so I had to use my imagination, but man it was a cool feeling.

The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) 5k was the first race of the BAA Distance Medley, which includes a 5k, 10k (June 24) and a Half Marathon (October 7). The cool thing is you get a medal for each race then a SPECIAL medal when you complete all three. Yes, I think we can see why I signed up for the whole scha-bang. :P

What was cool was actually having a big group of runners that I knew - okay, well I met three of them that day - but it was still a fun experience. We met up before the run and got our pre-race photo in.

Are we seeing all the Sweaty Bands going on in this pic? ;)

Can you also see that Dawson from Dawson's Creek even made an appearance. Yes, best race shirt ever! :P

We made our way through the crowd to the START line. Well, as best we could with 6,000 runners participating.

This is where I had to regroup. We all know how well I handle these "big races." I had to tell myself not to expect a PR since most of the run would be bobbing and weaving through the crowd since there weren't any sort of min/mile corrals anywhere. Which really shocked me seeing as how this was a BAA race. But, I digress.

So I finally hit the starting line and started the usual process of making my way through the crowd. This was my first road race through Boston and I was psyched. It is just so nice being back and taking in all the sights I love downtown.

The first mile was the roughest ... especially with elbowing. I haven't seen so much elbowing and shoving in awhile. There was one woman in particular who got me in the right side that I was determined to pass. You know, to show her. :P

Thankfully, after the first mile, I was able to break through the tougher crowd and find more space. As the space cleared, my pace sped up.

I was impressed that my Runkeeper didn't get messed up due to the buildings so I was actually able to keep track of my time/pace.

As soon as the Runkeeper let me know 20 minutes had passed, I kicked it up a notch. I wanted a PR of course, but I would be happy if I could still finish in under 25 minutes.

(Disclaimer: when did I become the person that wants to finish a 5k in under 25 minutes?? I can remember finishing in 38:21 and now I want to finish in under 25 minutes. Wow! I still amaze myself and forget how far I've come)

I just crossed the Mile 3 marker, saw the photographer getting my "about to cross face" as a little girl comes barreling passed me on the left. Yup, definitely not going to be ordering THAT photo to show off. Hey look at me getting passed by an 8 year old at the Finish. I. Don't. Think. So.

But I hit the Runkeeper as I crossed the line and I saw 24:58. I also saw 3.2 miles instead of 3.1, but I was happier with the 24:58. Okay, I was pissed for a minute that I was 26 seconds shy of a PR, but then I remembered the bobbing and weaving and told myself to get over it.

Plus, I was a-okay once I got my medal ... and my "snack bag" at the Finish. The "snack bag" included a chocolate chip bagel. It may have been the BEST bagel I have ever eaten. Or it just felt that way in the moment.

Official Results: I finished in 24:58 (8:03 min/mile pace) ... I was 1,295 overall out of 5,253, 365 out of 2,973 females and 88 out of 587 in my division.

Not too shabby.

Oh, and I happily passed the girl that jabbed me in the right side. Take that girlie! ;)


The six of us headed for a post-race brunch at Brownstone Bar and proceeded to get the WORST service I have ever experienced at a restaurant/bar. The waitress was rude, the location was unprepared for a large group of customers and the kitchen produced cold and incorrect food. Boo to them. But thankfully the company was great and really that is what Brunch is all about.