Bye Bye Truth Tuesdays ... Hello Face It Fridays!

Well, the time has come to finally change my weigh-in day! Truth Tuesday treated me well, but it is time to welcome Face It Friday to the game.

Tuesday was a great weigh-in day for me in Chicago. When I started Weight Watchers in November 2009, I was a Monday night weigher-in. Rough! I didn't really like night weigh-ins because I would eat/wear the same thing all day Monday to make it consistent and I had to watch how I was over the weekends.

So when my Monday night meeting closed, I made the switch to Tuesday night since my Monday night crew transferred over there and the Leader Lisa was AWESOME!!

Well unfortunately, I missed most of the meetings on Tuesday nights in 2010 because we would have a ton of games that night if the Cubs were home and if we were on the road - sometimes I was too. So my attendance in 2010 suffered from February-September and it showed on the scale. In 2010, as a whole I only lost 9.8 lbs - that means I did a lot of up and down during that time and a LOT of missed weigh-ins.

So in 2011 after chatting with a friend who had WW at work, I convinced the Cubs to offer the same program to employees. Okay, originally the plan was totally selfish so I could stay on plan, but it ended up benefiting my coworkers as well. :)

The at work meeting also ocurred on Tuesdays, but at 11/11:30am. Yay! That meant I only had to keep the morning consistent and the rest of the day could vary. I also started bringing in my pre-determined "weigh-in" outfit to change in to just before hitting the scale.

So the Tuesday weigh-in continued to be a success. Towards the end of my time in Chicago, I started weighing-in at 8am on Tuesdays. It happened one time when the office was closed thus cancelling our at work meeting for the week so I had to go somewhere else.

From that point on (December 27, 2011), I kept with the 8am weigh-in on Tuesday morning at a WW center then I would attend my regular at work WW meeting at 11:30.

But, as soon as I got to Boston, I realized there was no Tuesday morning meeting close to me or  even a WW store with open hours. So I had to come up with plan B. This was when I originally toyed with the Friday morning weigh-in idea, but I was stuck on Tuesdays.

So, for the past two months, I have been taking the train in to the Boston store, weighing in at 8am, taking the train back home and then attending my normal Tuesday 10am meeting.

I didn't mind it really, but it was getting to be a bit of a pain to commute all that way for what amounts to what a 45 second weigh-in.

Yes, obvious thing would be to loosen the reigns and change my weigh-in time ... but c'mon now - do we think my OCD tendencies could handle that? ;)

Plus, I just really like having my weigh-in in the morning. Get it out of the way and go about my day.

I thankfully know there is a 8am meeting near my house at the WW in Malden, where I can pop in and weigh-in anytime between 7:30 and 8am - right on my normal schedule and only 1 mile from my house. Win-win! :)

This concludes Part One of "Why I am switching to Friday weigh-ins?"


Part Two of "Why I am switching to Friday weigh-in?" is easy ... I looked at my social calendar - I know, I have one of those now :P - and realized I was using a lot of my weekly points plus values Friday-Sunday. This wasn't boding well because sometimes I would use them during the week thinking I was banking enough for the weekends - only to realize by Saturday night - that I wasn't.

I think I would feel more comfortable going in to the weekend with all 49 weekly points plus values then being able to adjust the week (Monday-Thursday) accordingly. Plus, I am always more diligent during the week.

Also, after seeing the damage from the weekend, I have four days to kick up the activity before the weigh-in.


As I was chatting with another Weight Watchers Leader in New York, Melanie, on Twitter. She reminded me how we need to mold the plan as our lives changes and what will help us succeed for the long term.

So that is what I am doing. Giving a new game plan a try to see if that helps me maintain the weight loss I have worked so hard for.


How do you pick your weigh-in day? Has it changed as your journey progresses?