Fight Forever 5k/10k - 4/1/12 - 59:01 (9:04 min/mile) - actually 6.51 mile run

I was honored to take part this morning/early afternoon in Colleen's Fight Forever 5k/10k, which was a virtual run she set up to raise money for the American Cancer Society's Determination Team. I have been chatting online with Colleen for awhile now, but was never int he same place at the same time to meet, but thankfully that changed today. It was a beautiful day here in the Boston area so it was easy to head out and meet the group at the Lexington Bike Path. After hitting up Spinning with Linds this morning I wasn't sure how my legs would take the 5k, but I was ready to give it my all. :)

When I finally got the parking lot and met up with the other runners, I quickly was persuaded into running the 10k instead of the 5k. I am a pushover when it comes to running a farther distance or signing up for another race. Are we seeing this pattern? ;)

It was great to meet a group of Boston based runners with a few who also are Weight Watchers members. I always love hearing everyone's journeys with both running and Weight Watchers.

Colleen had it all set up even securing race bibs from RoadID, which was cool. I picked 33 in honor of Jason Varitek. He will forever be associated with that number. :)

We hit the pavement in our little group for the 10k - Colleen, Brenna & Robin - and since I am a math major I was quickly able to figure out that the foursome had lost over 330 lbs with Weight Watchers. Wow! So then I spent a couple minutes in my head trying to picture this foursome running pre-Weight Watchers.

It was so nice to just head out for a run and not worry about the time or distance. I actually didn't use my headphones once so I totally let Colleen/Robin control the pace and the distance. We were so into our conversation that we ended up running a little past the 3.1 mile spot to turn around. I was actually enjoying myself so much that I didn't even mind.

I love hearing other people's stories (as we can all gather) so I was totally caught up in the number of marathons Robin has completed, the training programs Colleen uses depending on the distances and Brenna's inner debat on whether to sign up for her first marathon or not. These types of convos inspire me to push my own training to another level.

As we finally turned around, Colleen and I kinda picked up the pace as we were just getting into the groove of conversation. It is just so nice to meet someone in person that you got to know so well over the internet. Additionally, it is always nice to find other people that endure the same struggles you do and hearing a fresh perspective is always refreshing and comforting.

As we got back to the starting point, I finally looked at my Runkeeper and realized we were at 6.48 miles and as you all know I like to end on a round number so I finished out the run and ended with a 6.51 mile run in 59 minutes, which was good for a 9:04 min/mile pace.

The run was great. I didn't have any knee pain and my legs were probably stronger coming off the morning's Spin class, which totally kicked my booty. :)

Colleen even let me try my very first Arctic Ease. I had been wanting to try this fabulous product for awhile. I can tell you it is as cool as it sounds and really works. Thankfully you can use one wrap up to 10 times so I will definitely be holding on to mine to use again!

After the race, Colleen handed out medals (yay bling!) and secured one of my favorite snacks for us - BBQ Popchips! Yum!

Then we headed over to Yeh! Yogurt in Burlington for some post-run fro yo and a raffle. I had to get some rainbow sprinkles on mine...

It was a great afternoon where I met some great people - who I have already started following on Twitter - and I won a sweet new fuel belt from iFitness. :)

Big thanks to Colleen for organizing the whole thing and let's all wish her luck as she dominates the Boston Marathon in a couple weeks...