Truth Tuesday - 1.8 lb Gain

Yes folks you read that right. That would be almost a 2 lb gain in one week and I was shocked to say the least. This past week I thought I was pretty on plan and upped my activity to boot - even putting in a double workout on Sunday (Spin & 6.5 mile run). True, I wasn't the best tracker this week, but I didn't think one day of lazy tracking would result in this gain.

Now my good friend and coworker Alverson was trying his hardest to talk me off the proverbial ledge I had put myself on after seeing the number on the scale. Poor Alverson had to hear a slew of profanities come out of my mouth (I allowed this since there wasn't another soul in the store), but I was mad.

I DID NOT expect that.

Now, I went into my normal routine after unleashing my inner pissed off Weight Watchers member, who hates seeing a gain, and texted my normal crew and tweeted that I had gained.

Everyone was saying exactly what I would've told them in the same situation. People were saying things to me that I tell members. There are any number of reasons there could've been a gain.

Then my coworker, Tara, hit me with exactly what I was thinking and doing when I read her text ... "Look At Your Wrist!"

BAM! Perspective...

For me, my biggest anchor (topic of this week's WW meetings) is the tattoo on my right wrist. It is a Michangelo saying in Italian "Ancora Imparo," which means "I Am Still Learning."

Ugh, I hate when other people are right sometimes, but I gave myself props for having the same thought as Tara to look at my wrist.

I mean I put the words there permanently for a reason. To remind myself on a daily - hourly - minute by minute basis that..


I know this might come as a shock to some of you :P JK.

But, yes - I will make mistakes. I will have off weeks. I will have gains.

I am still new to maintenance/Lifetime so there is still some growing and tweaking I need to do.

So after I let the words sink in, I started nixing my negatives and started listing the positives of the past week because there were a lot. This past week had been a LOT of fun...

1) I led half of my first ever Weight Watchers meeting. Wow! What an amazing experience.

2) I got out for not one but three awesome PAINFREE runs.

3) I got to run with one of my best friends ... the 6 months pregnant one ... that set the pace for the run. Yes, I was showed up by the pregnant woman, but it was awesome. We hadn't run together since 2007.

4) I still weighed in within my weight range for Lifetime. I weighed in at 156.4 and my range is 153-157 so success.

5) I was finally able to meet some of the amazing people I follow on twitter and participate in a kick ass run on Sunday with some badass chicks - who all happen to be Weight Watchers Lifetime members as well.

6) I realized how freaking awesome my life is and the amazing opportunities that lie ahead for me.

7) I am allowing myself to truly enjoy what life has in store for me.

But the biggest one of all...

8) I was freakin' happy as all hell this past week. Slightly stressed, but in the end I couldn't ask to be in a better place.


Then I thought about something else.

*Since I hit Goal on Jan 10, 2012, I have stayed within the 153-157 range. Wow!

*Since December, 27, 2011, I have been in the 150s. Shut the front door!

People these are things I NEVER thought would come out of my mouth.



So yes folks, the moral of Truth Tuesday was a gain of 1.8, but when put in perspective of the non-scale victories of the past week.

The frustration with myself subsided and a sense of pride came over me ... and one giant smile!