The First ... Of Many!

Tuesday night marked the first time I ever led an entire Weight Watchers meeting. Me. Little ol me had the honor of standing in front of the room of members and be a part of their journey. I had been dreaming of that moment for years. Ever since I started Weight Watchers in November 2009 and had one amazing Leader that really got me started and committed to this journey, I wanted to help others with their success.

I got the call Monday night - 24 hours before the meeting would have to take place - asking if I could Lead the meeting instead of be the receptionist for it since the Leader had to have immediate surgery.

My immediate reaction - FEAR - me in front of those people I KNOW for the first meeting. I don't know about that.

My coworker, who gets me, could tell I was freakin', but I simply said - yes. I had to bite the bullet and get that first one under my belt. I knew these people and they liked to talk. They like to talk to me at the scale. I assumed they would want to talk when I was at the front of the room.

Thankfully I was wicked busy before the meeting weighing people in that all of a sudden it was 6pm and showtime. I took my deep breathe - just like I do before I step on the scale - and I took off.

Some of the meeting is a blur as you are kind of in the zone. But boy was I happy with how it turned out. The group talked, connected, shared and most of all seemed to enjoy themselves and the topic. I could see some lightbulbs going off in people's heads.


I did it. I led my first Weight Watchers meeting and I didn't fall down ... I didn't spontaneously combust ... I survived!


Now ... I prepare for the first meeting in front of my boss and hope know that it will go even better...