Wisconsin in 33 hours...

So in total my trip to Wisconsin for my friend Kate's wedding this past weekend lasted 33 hours from door-to-door. Wow! That is what I call a whirlwind trip for sure! Thankfully I live near the airport and not many people were traveling to Logan at 5:30am on Saturday. I made it from my front door to the airport through Security and to my gate in 10 minutes. Yes folks you read that right ... 10. Minutes. I was damn impressed. My new Premier Status helped get me through security, but overall it was a painless trip to the airport.

(Note: did you know you don't have to take off your jewelry? All these years I thought you had to, but nope. Maybe it's because of the new fancy screening machines? I'm not sure, but I was happy to skip that step.)

Thankfully when you travel for such a short period of time you can get away with just a carry on ... and that early in the morning means COMFORT wear. :)

You know I had to search the terminal until I found a Dunkin Donuts. :P

I also lucked out and got the exit row. Not that I woulda trusted the guy sitting next to me to help in the case of an emergency, BUT I dealt with it for the leg room.

I had a layover in Chicago and was able to travel through my favorite terminal at O'Hare. I always love these lights!

So I made it to Madison, Wisconsin around 10:30am CT (thanks to Brandon for the ride from the airport) so it was time to explore the city before the afternoon wedding...

 We tried out some of the local craft beers on the main street in Madison...

I loved that Madison wanted to combine people's love of both a delicatessen and a carousel. Normal, right? :P

It was finally wedding time after this! We headed to Badger Farms, where the wedding was held in a cute barn surrounded by fields of green. Nice scenery for a group of city kids. ;)

Kate and Joe looked picturesque on their Happy Day. I absolutely LOVED her dress.

I loved the country set-up and colors used to set a great scene.

And I was able to see some of my friends from college that I haven't seen for almost three years. You may not speak everyday, but when you are back together it's like no time has passed at all ... that is friendship!


The next morning we hit the road at 5am CT to make the 1.5 hour drive to Milwaukee to fly back home. Thank you to my lil' pregnant Sarah for taking the wheel as her husband I slept the entire ride!

After a flight from Milwaukee to Chicago then a delay in Chicago, I headed from Chicago to Boston and was back at my house at 2:30pm ET.

What a busy and awesome 33 hours. It was great to be able to see my friend tie the knot, catch up with friends I haven't seen in years and be a part of a magical night.

Now someday, I too will get to have that kind of magical night. Not sure when the wife & I will be able to afford it, but we will... someday!