I first heard of the Somerville Brewing Company, Slumbrew, through my friend Kim who is a local craft beer aficionado. She told me about it just before moving back to Boston from Chicago in January. So of course, as soon as we got back to town we had to give it a try. Wow! It is awesome. The company has four great brews:  Flagraiser IPA, Happy Sol, Porter Square Porter and My Better Half.

I can't tell you which is my favorite because they are all great! But, if you twisted my arm and told me I could only have ONE. Well, first I would say stop twisting my arm ... then I would tell you: My Better Half.

If you click here, you can find locations that sell Slumbrew near you!


On Friday night, I was honored enough to FINALLY meet the masterminds behind Slumbrew ... and even got to check out where the company all began. My dad, another Slumbrew fan, joined me for the awesome night. Here are just a few pics:






In addition to some pretty yummy beer, a local Somerville chocolate shop - Taza Chocolate. It was delish! Chocolate covered almonds, cashews, etc. Mmm...

I had a great time meeting the brewers, Caitlin and Jeff, and sharing a great night with some other craft beer fans.