Half Marathon Training Update - 10 Miler

I had planned on knocking my first double-digit run in since January on Monday buuuutttt my legs had a different idea. They were wiped out from the Spinning & 5k combo on Sunday that Monday was a no run kind of day. So I knew that my next free day would be Wednesday, but with the rain I totally wimped out and pushed the run off til today.

Friday works out better for a long run anyway ... I just have to reception one morning Weight Watchers meeting and the rest of the day is all mine!

So today, I was ready and I needed it.

After seeing a number I didn't want to see on the scale, I took it out on the pavement! :)

Before heading to the River, I stopped by the Racemenu offices to finally pick up my official Team Racemenu singlet!

I can't wait to break it out on Sunday at the M.O.M.'s Run 5k in Somerville!


After grabbing the singlet, I headed out to the Charles River ... it would be my first run around that area in six years!

I, of course, had to go the bathroom as soon as I got to the running path, but thankfully - to my surprise - I saw an entire row of port-o-potties!

SCORE! (yup, I just did a fist pump to port-o-potties)

Then the plan was FOILED...

... locked!

Thankfully a few yards away, I finally lucked into an open port-o-potty. Ahhh...

Now that the TMI is over, we can talk about the run itself. :)

I was ready to rock this run after managing my first 9 under 9 last week and enjoy the beautiful scenery that the Charles River has to offer.

I even managed during the first two-three miles to snap a couple photos - even grabbed a self-portrait

The weather cooperated. It was nice and sunny during the first half of the run then cooled off just enough during the second half.

I love that my Runkeeper has the mile by mile pace breakdown. I can't believe I managed a 8:18 during Mile Three and 8:19 during Mile Four. Every mile was under a 9 min/mile pace except for Mile 7 - we can blame that on the little hills around the bridges I was crossing ... plus the wind!

Don't you love when you are trekking right along on one side of a river/street then turn around and realize the wind was at your back for that whole time? Helping you along. :P

Yup that happened a couple times.

It was nice to change up my normal running spot. It also gave me a time to re-familiarize myself with a part of the Charles River that I run a lot during the Summer Run Series (which starts on Thursday, May 17).

Once I hit Mile Nine, I started booking it. Ha! I was ready to see the 10 on the ol' Runkeeper. Proof was that Mile Nine was run at a 7:58 clip.

But that burst of energy at the end, showed me that I should be able to keep that 8:40 pace for my next Half Marathon in July.


Once again, as I hit the "complete workout" on my Runkeeper - I shed a couple tears.

I get so emotional whenever I prove to myself that I am stronger or faster or better at something than I give myself credit for.

As soon as the run was over, I plopped down on the closest bench and just breathed...

It was at that moment, that I just took in all that I have accomplished and how thankful I was to have so many inspirational runners that I can call on to push me through a run - even when they aren't there - especially Robin and Colleen!!


Today's run was brought to you by my own determination, sweat and some help from: Asics, Zensah and Lululemon: