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My favorite flavor is definitely Original!

My favorite part of healthy eating is the feeling I get of more energy and knowing it makes my body lighter and healthier.

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As the wife and I were sitting down to dinner a few weeks ago, she remarked how different her food choices are now compared to when she was a child ... heck compared to a couple of years back.

It got me thinking about how I will feed my kids when I become a mom. I don't foresee as many trips to Friendly's or McDonald's as when I was younger. There will be many more meals at home ... home cooked ... even with some of those fruits and veggies I can't pronounce. :P

(And I owe all of that to Weight Watchers!)

While at the grocery store this morning, I witnessed a mom LOAD her cart with the prepackaged snacks - the chocolate cakes, the mini donuts - you know the aisle I'm talking about.

I just stopped and said to myself, I will NOT do that to my children. I won't make them bring kale chips to school every day, but I will try to stay away from the snacks loaded up on sugar, etc ... the ones I used to eat.

I DEFINITELY will be sending them to school and games with fruits, veggies, baked chips or Popchips. How can they not love all these options, especially Popchips? I eat them all the time to get that chip taste without the calories/points. But, more on the awesomeness of Popchips later.


So this is my first Mother's Day home since 2010, but my mom doesn't really want to celebrate. I guess having me home permanently is enough of a gift.

I know! I'm the gift that keeps on giving. :P

While I may not be a mom to any humans yet, I am a mom to two adorable - yet trying - pups.

So the wife and I are celebrating Mother's Day May 13 by participating in the M.O.M.'s Run 5k in Somerville.

I absolutely love starting ANY holiday with a run. If you can't tell, I'm really trying to make this stick for any holiday I can...

Will anyone else be kicking off Mother's Day with a run? Maybe with your own mom or your child?


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