M.O.M.'s Run 5k - 5/13/12 - 24:06 (7:46 min/mile)

After coming off the "bathroom incident" from the Newburyport Spring Fever 5k on May 6, I was hoping for a really good run at the M.O.M.'s Run 5k in Somerville on Mother's Day (May 13). I had missed a PR in the previous week's 5k by 10 seconds - OUCH! Damn my small bladder! :P

But, I digress.

I also need to point out since my wife reminds me ALL. THE. TIME. I know I do not NEED to nor WILL I PR every race ... BUT, I was just looking for one at this race since I know how close I had come the week before.

Plus, I am competitive. I KNOW! None of you could tell that one bit in reading this blog that I have that tendency. Since no one picked up on it ;) I thought I would let you in to the secret. I want to be better than I was the time before. Yes, I am slightly wicked competitive with other people, but I am 20 times more competitive with myself.

So in summation - yes logistically I know I will not and do not have to PR every time, but it is a little extra umph that pushes me throughout the race.

Well, that and the damn lady on my Runkeeper that chirps in every 5 minutes with the distance I've run and my pace. Does she have a name? If not, I need to name her. Ruth? She sounds like a Ruth and sometimes she can be RUTH-less. Get it? Oh gosh, I am so on today. :)

Anyway, back to the run.

So I was excited to finally wear my cool Racemenu singlet and I, of course, rocked the Superman socks again.

The wife and I met up with Liz and Lauren before the race, drooled over the pre-race carb-loaded snacks, hit the port-o-potties (YES!) then headed to the Start Line.

The race was small, which meant we were actually up towards the official Start Line - made of duct tape (YES!).

The gun sounded and we were off.

Well folks, no one reminded me how hilly my hometown is. My goodness this race was the complete opposite of flat. Yes, the uphills seems to go on for days, while the downhills seemed like a millisecond long.

But, I was pushing myself.

There were great cheerers along the way and I got some more awesome shout outs for my kick ass socks (Thanks hun!)

I found a few runners in front of me and just tried to keep them in my line of sight the entire run. I tried to catch up to them, but knew that wasn't happening so I just tried to make sure I could see them at all times during the run.

Focusing on a person just ahead of me is a great motivator I use during races. I always love being pushed by people that are faster than me and this is a way for strangers to help me without even knowing it.

As I rounded the corner and saw the Mile Three marker ahead, I could also see the clock. I just kicked it in to another gear.

I came towards the finish it was still in the land of 23 minutes, but as I crossed the line I could hear the people at the Finish saying 24:06.

What? 24:06? 7:46 min/mile pace? Me? Wow! I was able to knock 27 seconds off my PR in one of the hilliest courses I've ever run ... I wonder what could've happened had the course actually been flat? ;)

I ended up finishing 65th out of 303 overall and 5th out of 36 in my division.

I was beyond thrilled with how the race went and couldn't wait to hit up the post-race spread.

Let me tell you. This race had some of the best donations I've ever witnessed at an organized run - from the Harpoon beer to the Redbones' BBQ. I enjoyed myself. I knew this day would be off my Weight Watchers plan and I was totally okay with it.

I had a great time with friends and picked up a shiny PR to boot.