Half Marathon Training Update - Hello 11 Miles!

Thank you Social Media for holding me accountable. On Wednesday morning, I posted on both Twitter and Facebook that I would be doing a long run that afternoon. It has been noted that people are more apt to stick to a plan when they write it down. Well virtually writing it down is the same to me. Additionally, I chatted with Jen from the Biggest Loser Blog and told her that I was going to head out for a 10-11 mile run after we got off the phone.

Well, damn, saying it again meant it had to happen, right?

I put the running clothes on, laced up the sneakers and headed to the Charles River for my run. I wasn't sure how the run would go since the temperatures really starting getting higher the later I had to wait to run.

But, I was committed. I was ready to hit the pavement and just ENJOY the time I had ... ENJOY the scenery and NOT worry about the pace.

So I hit my normal "usual" port-o-potty and headed out.

The sun was shining, the River was glistening and I had good tunes on the iPhone.

It was a beautiful run and I smiled the entire time.

I even stopped to take some pictures while crossing over the Mass Ave bridge...

How could you not smile while running along here...

Ahhh it is nice to be back in Boston!

It was just too pretty of a day not to be outside!

Despite stopping to take these pics, I was still rocking a sub 9 min/mile pace ... the bridge was at the 6 mile mark so I was psyched with myself.

As I kept running, I just couldn't believe how far I have come. I look at the running paces I have been producing over the past year and I think they should say someone else's name next to them. This can't be me. I'm the overweight girl that HATED running.

But ... it IS me. I am proving to myself that I am stronger than I give myself credit for on a daily basis.

And I love it.

I approached Mile 8 and passed by Genzyme in Allston. This is where I host a Weight Watchers At Work meeting on Thursdays. Just seeing the building and knowing I had a group of members in there - pushed me to keep going strong in the final three miles of my run.

I got to Mile 10 and prepped for the final leg. Isn't it funny when we know our run is coming to an end that the final mile feels like it takes longer than the previous 10? I thought Mile 11 would never end. :P

But, I am happy with the results...

It was a hot and sweaty time, but it was great! It is just so funny how much I look forward to heading out for a run these days ...

I've caught the running bug and it's sticking this time!!