Face It Friday - 1.2 lb Loss

Yes folks! I kept talking about transitioning from Truth Tuesdays to Face It Fridays, but I finally had an OFFICIAL Face It Friday with the Weight Watchers scale ... since my last official WW weigh-in/last Truth Tuesday post on April 4, I've only been weighing  in/monitoring on my home scale. Why? Well, when you are Lifetime you only have to officially weigh-in once a month. But the real reason was, I wasn't happy with the numbers I was seeing on the scale because I was having a tough month regulating my off plan vs. on plan days ... too many off plan days in my mind. So I set up a goal for myself called Marvelous May to try and get me back on track.

Well, I didn't stick to every little thing I had set out to do, but I did much better overall in May than I did in April.

I have posted a food log for 19 of 24 days in May ... even if I didn't figure out the points value for everything I ate, I at least wrote it down. I am really proud of myself for that.

So back to today. This morning, I got my lightest dress on and headed out to work ... and weigh-in.

(Note: Weight Watchers employees need to weigh-in once a month so I was cutting it close this month)

I was the first one in so I was able to weigh myself in before the official weigh-in. ;)

Anyway, I got on the scale and ....

I was 155.2! Woo! Just 0.2 lbs over goal! YAY!

I was beyond thrilled!! If you can't tell...

Today: Loss 1.2

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 155.2

Total Lost: 62.2

I was able to give myself my third Bravo sticker, which meant I have weighed in within my goal range (153-157) for the last three months since hitting Lifetime in February. :)

I like stickers!

Reminding myself of how far I've come keeps me motivated to maintain...

... and keep this healthy lifestyle going for the rest of my life!