Mind vs. Body

I can't.... I won't...

I shouldn't...

Why bother...

Why even try...

Why try?

To prove myself - and everyone else - wrong.


During one of my many runs this past week, I thought back to how many times I wanted to do something. But didn't - all because I feared failing.

How many times I thought how cool it would be to try a class at the gym? But opted for the Stairmaster instead since no one would be able to laugh at me for messing up.

But, that all changed when I took that first step through the door of Weight Watchers and said to heck with it. I don't care what people think because for that one moment - I put myself before anything else.

What has happened since then?

I took up, and fell in love with, Spinning. I still try to take a seat in the back, but I am there - pushing myself to my limit.

I made a complete fool of myself attempting Zumba ... but kept going back and even moved up from the very very very back of the room. :P

I've worn spandex pants in public. I've worn workout clothes in public. I've worn workout shorts in public. I've worn a BATHING SUIT on a beach in Hawaii.

What? If you told me 2 plus years ago that I would have the confidence in myself to do any of the things above, I would've called you out of your freakin' mind.

But, I had to take the time to 1) leave my comfort zone behind and 2) prove to my mind that my body is stronger than it thinks it is.

We know that one of the hardest parts of weight loss is the mental aspect.

How many times have we tweeted or blogged about how we look in the mirror and still see the "old" us? More than I can count personally.

But, that has been the challenge for me over these past few years. Proving my mind wrong.

On so many training runs, my mind has said - we don't have to go all 12 miles. 9 is enough. While the brain is saying that, my body is happily going through the motions and ready for more.

It was finally time I told my mind - I. Am. Stronger. Than. YOU. Think. I. Am.

It was time to push myself past the familiar and into a new dimension.

And let me tell you this new dimension is pretty freakin' cool.

No one would've ever thought that the girl that ran 12 min/mile pace back in 2005 could post a sub 8 min/mile pace in 2012.


Do I still question whether I will be able to accomplish something? Of course. But now, instead of scrapping the idea of even trying it - I will give it a shot.

Amazing things can happen when we take the first step...