Boston's Run To Remember 5-Miler - 5/27/12 - PR 38:00 (7:36 min/mile)

Boston's Run To Remember has a 5-Miler option and a Half Marathon option. I chose the 5-Miler option, but after looking at the course - I regretted not signing up for the Half. The course was through downtown Boston and beautiful. The 5-Miler course was still awesome, but obviously not as long so you don't see as much. Since I was upset with myself, I made myself run a Half ... just over three days. So on Saturday I knocked out 5 sweaty sweaty miless in the 84 degree weather, on Sunday I did the race and on Monday I polished off the last 3.1 miles to complete my own Half.

But, back to the race at hand.

The course was through major streets in Boston so it had to start early so the streets wouldn't be closed ALL DAY so the Half Marathon kicked off at 7am and the 5-Miler at about 7:15.

Early start, but it was worth it for the cooler temps as well.

Tori was supposed to run with me, but she ended up playing in a gay hockey tournament over the weekend so Kim stepped in to take her place.

Additionally, I finally got to meet my Twitter/Facebook/Weight Watchers friend Melissa. For so long, we have chatted through social media and never got to meet up ... until this day! Woo! Melissa is a brand new Weight Watchers Leader and a great inspiration. She has lost 125 lbs! Wow! I know. A whole person. So impressive...

Don't you love her patriotic outfit? ;)

After snapping these photos, we headed over to the Start Line, listened to the National Anthem and lined up close to the bagpipers...

... then we were off!

It was nice to be running in my normal running attire after wearing a cotton t-shirt and carrying a golf club/golf ball during last week's Harpoon 5-Miler.

Despite running 5 miles the day before, I felt strong right out of the gate. I think the Superman socks help. ;)

I found a person that's pace was just ahead of mine, zeroed in and followed them all the way to the finish. Plus, her shirt said something about chocolate - how could I not stare at it for 5 miles? :P

The crowd of spectators may have been on the small side, but the dedicated people on the course sounded like thousands.

Plus, I love hearing all the people comment on my socks now ... thanks wife!

Mile Three may have been one of my favorites since it was sponsored by Racemenu (the racing team I am on) so it was great to see all their signs along the way ... I even ran into their two Founders after the run.

As I neared the Finish Line, we got to battle one final hill. Oh man, I thought it would never end. I had to dig down and use all my Spin training to conquer it.

But, I thought as soon as I made it over the hill the Finish Line would be there ... nope, I was wrong. The Finish Line seemed like years away. But again, I just dug down and gave it everything I had.

And it paid off ... a new shiny PR!!

My official time was 37:59 (7:36 min/mile pace) ... I finished 125th out of 2,041 overall and 17th out of 478 in my division... Woo!!

Cray Cray?? I still can not believe these are my times I write about.

I finished this race 24 seconds faster than last week's 5-Miler and 22 minutes faster than my first ever 5k - which is 3.1 miles.

Wow! I've come so far since March 2005 ... and I can't see what else I will accomplish!