Face It Friday – 0.2 lb Gain

Ladies and Gentlemen, this weigh-in shows that tracking and activity and Weight Watchers works. Why you might ask?

Well in full disclosure I weighed in June 1 at 154.8 (0.2 under goal - Woo!) and proceeded to slip up. Oh hell, eat and drink my way through June. Yup! I basically took most of the month of June off from tracking my food. I just sort of went off the Weight Watchers deep end if you will.

BUT ... I did up my activity. I am training for a half marathon so I am putting some serious miles on my sneakers and hitting up a lot of cross training.

When I checked in with myself on June 19 I had probably put on almost 5 lbs. YOWZA!! That's not good.

So I UPPED the activity and when I weighed myself at home on June 29 I had only gained 0.1 lbs from the previous home weigh in 10 days prior. Now during that time my eating was atrocious, but my activity kicked serious butt.

This my friends proves that activity can help you maintain, but you need healthy food choices + activity to = weight loss.

SOOOO on June 29 my dear friend Lindsey (who does WW online) and I decided to make July our bi-atch. Is that how you spell that? I'm not hip enough to really know that lingo. But I digress...

So after the July 4 holiday I got off my bad food wagon and hit the scale. Ooohhh that number wasn't pretty. It was literally 6 lbs heavier than my home weigh in on June 1 ... and 3 lbs over my Lifetime status range.

Oh no that wasn't gonna stop me.

I stepped into BEAST MODE.

I made the week after my bi-atch. I tracked every BLT. I measured out my wine. I weighed all my food. I blogged every food log. I upped my activity even more thanks to the extra incentive of AL (aka Active Link).

And what happened?

I weighed in this morning officially 0.2 lbs heavier than on June 1 ... and right ON GOAL - 155 even.

Yes! Woo!

But more importantly I felt AWESOME this last week. I tracked for 8-consecutive days for the first time since December 2011 and felt in control.

I felt on top of the world.

So yes, I may have slip and slided for 3 weeks, but I got myself back on track.


Because I NEVER want to go back to where I started. So even seeing how a 5 lb gain - even though most of it may have been bloating or what not - was not fun. I felt GROSS. I never thought I would be in the 150s and feel uncomfortable,

But I did.

And now ... I. Am. Back.

So yes I tripped, but before I hurled myself down the rest of the stairs. I caught myself on the railing and picked myself back up.

And THAT is what matters!